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How to Reinvent Your Brand

Drew Neisser for
Advertising Age
September 7, 2016
CMO Spotlight: Michael Mendenhall, Flex Fall is all about turning over a new leaf -- literally, but often metaphorically as well. This could mean a change of heart, a late sprint toward a New Year's resolution or the decision to rebrand oneself. So, as we approach a new season, it's only fitting that this week's...
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  • Helping Your Customers is Always a Good Strategy

    16 October 2016 | 8:12 pm
    Waiting in the lounge area for my flight back to New York City on American last week, I overheard a fellow passenger grumble that “I have a zillion upgrade credits but can never use them.”  Having not been upgraded either despite my lifetime Platinum status and early check-in, I thought for a moment about my loyalty […]
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Facebook Favors Friends and Family

Facebook was built to connect people with whomever—and later, whatever—they wanted. However, recently Facebook has accumulated “far too much information for any one person to consume.” Seas of stories have overwhelmed users, as a feed...read
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