September 19, 2012
In his short story “The Aleph,” Jorge Luis Borges recalls an experience he had gazing into an aleph. He describes it as “one point in space that contains all other points. The only place on…read
September 14, 2012
One of our favorite New Yorker cartoons is the one that shows a pack of brain surgeons surrounding an operating table scalpels in hand when the head doctor declares, “Hey, this isn’t marketing!” And as…read
August 30, 2012
Here at Renegade we have featured a slew of campaigns by different brands, agencies, and companies who are taking innovative strides in social media. Recently, I came across a recruitment drive by the Swedish armed…read
July 13, 2012
“Ted,” the big box office hit from “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane, has captivated audiences in the theater and beyond.  The movie’s title refers to its star, Ted: a foul mouthed, womanizing, pot smoking anti-teddy…read
June 22, 2012
From gaming and social video to personal money and time management, there is indeed a mobile app for everything…or so it may seem. Today’s mobile applications are cheaper and easier to build than ever before.…read
June 12, 2012
Social media allows companies to create interactive, in-the-moment and fun campaigns. Companies are engaging their audience and provoking continued dialogue, while also tying these campaigns back to their products. These companies are raising the bar…read
June 7, 2012
Welcome to the next level of Twitter communication, where you and other interested professionals and non-professionals alike can talk about anything to anyone, from any location in the world, at any time. I’m talking about…read
June 1, 2012
By what means should a company communicate a message to their target audience? Companies typically tackle this question by considering both influencer and advocacy outreach programs. Influencers possess the power of visibility. They have a…read
May 22, 2012
A few weeks ago, I was introduced to Old People Writing on a Restaurant’s Facebook Page, a blog compiling screenshots of members of the older generation leaving posts on different restaurant Facebook brand pages. Scrolling…read