December 31, 2014
Happy New Year!  1. A year’s worth of news trends Photo courtesy of Echelon Insights From the State of the Union to the hacking of Sony, see what news was trending on Twitter in 2014.…read
December 17, 2014
1) Welcome to the Instagram filter family Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden & Perpetua! Photo Courtesy of Blog.Instagram Instagram adds 5 new filters for your photos. Read more…   2) Facebook making even more changes to…read
December 12, 2014
1) A look back on Social Media in 2014 Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro You may be surprised which 2014 marketing predictions came true, and which ones didn’t. Find out here. Facebook and YouTube released their…read
December 10, 2014
1) Facebook makes searching easier… Photo Courtesy of All Facebook Facebook now allows users to search through any posts that have ever been shared with them. Read more…   2) …and so does Twitter! Photo…read
December 5, 2014
1) Twitter introduces safety updates Starting today we’re rolling out an improved way to flag abusive Tweets. See how it works. — Twitter Support (@Support) December 2, 2014   Some of Twitter’s new updates…read
December 3, 2014
1) Geofilters available to all on Snapchat Photo Courtesy of Social Times Due to the large number of Snapchatters asking for personalized Geofilters, Snapchat decided to allow users to create their own Geofilter artwork which…read
November 26, 2014
1. Happy Thanksgiving from your favorite viral family! The Holderness Family has done it again, this time with a cover of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass,” entitled “All About That Baste.” Read more…   2.…read
November 25, 2014
The beauty of this survival guide is that it only requires one tool—your smartphone. Step 1: Follow, like and snap If you already know which stores you plan on visiting, then you should follow them…read
November 21, 2014
1. You Can Now Share Tweets Via Twitter Direct Message Photo courtesy of Recode Twitter now allows users to privately share content posted publicly on Twitter via direct message — something that was previously done…read
November 20, 2014
In 2015, Posts which are “Too promotional” will get Minimal Reach on Facebook Photo Courtesy of Newsroom.fb After Facebook spent some time analyzing its data to better understand what users like to see in their…read
November 14, 2014
1. Need to “Say Thanks?” Photo courtesy of AllFacebook Facebook introduces a new feature called “Say Thanks” that lets users send personalized thank-you video cards to their Facebook friends. Read more…   2. Time For A…read
November 12, 2014
1. Not all content is shared equally. A new study suggests that 32% of Facebook users in Canada use the site to endorse content compared to Twitter’s 79%. Read more…    2. Twitter goes iconic.…read
November 6, 2014
1. What could have been… What if Twitter, Instagram, Google and other social media networks were created in the 1980s? What would that have looked like? Read more… 2. Cruisin’ with faster WiFi With more…read
October 29, 2014
1.  Snapchat’s freaky first ad Snapchat releases its first ad for the film, Quija. Read more… 2.  Faecbook adds bidding options Facebook expands unique reaches to advertisers, introduces new CPM-based bidding options to target specific…read
October 15, 2014
1.  Social network campaigning A new study by the Facebook Data Science Team reveals what politicians are talking about and what issues are dominating the landscape during midterm elections. Read more…   2.  Word games…read
October 10, 2014
1. Keeping up with the mobile generation. A new survey finds that 74% of Millennials say social media helps them stay up to date with family and friends. Read more…   2. Mr. Smith goes to…read
October 2, 2014
1. Say Ello to the new kid in town Is this ad-free social network site, created by a small group of artists and designers, really the anti-Facebook of social media? Read more…   2. Brands…read
September 26, 2014
1. Amazon Shoppers Can Add Items to Their Wish List With a Tweet Amazon shoppers can add items to their Amazon wish list by sending a tweet that includes  the hashtag #AmazonWishList and a link…read
September 24, 2014
1. To Compete with Google, Facebook Will Unveil a New Advertising Platform Facebook will soon unveil a new advertising platform called “Atlas” to improve the way that marketers target users. Read more… 2. Tips to…read
September 20, 2014
1. Facebook Rolls Out Privacy Checkup Facebook is rolling out a privacy checkup to remind users to review their privacy settings and make sure they are sharing updates with the right audience. Read more… 2.…read
September 19, 2014
1. Real-Time Events Will Show Up Higher In Your Facebook Newsfeed Facebook is making adjustments to its newsfeed so that real-time events will be shown higher. “Trending stories” will be moved to the top of…read
September 17, 2014
1. Facebook Creates Industry Pages for Developers Facebook has created industry pages for developers who are in the e-commerce, entertainment, games, photos and travel industries. Read more…   2. Flipboard Adds Video Ads Video ads will…read
September 12, 2014
1. Facebook Tests a New Feature to Schedule Deletion of Posts  Facebook is testing a new feature that will allow iOS app users to schedule deletion of posts in advance. Read more… 2. Facebook Is…read
September 10, 2014
1. The US Makes Up 41.5% of All Twitter Mention A study from Mention found that the US makes up 41.5% of all Twitter mentions, followed by the UK with 9.7% and France with 5.4%.…read
September 3, 2014
1. Twitter Revamps Their Sign-Up Process Twitter has revamped its sign-up process for new users to help them get immediate value out of the social network. Read more… 2. Facebook Tests New Mobile Search Feature…read
August 29, 2014
1. Twitter’s Tweet Activity Dashboard Is Open to All Users Twitter has begun opening its Tweet Activity dashboard to all users, which shows information including impressions, engagement and clicks. Read more… 2. Brands Immediately Hop…read
August 27, 2014
1. Facebook Emphasizes Link Format Over Links In Captions and Status Updates To improve the content that users see on their News Feed, Facebook is taking the steps to move against click-baiting headlines and favoring…read
August 22, 2014
1. LinkedIn’s Slideshare Is Free For Everyone to Use LinkedIn’s Slideshare is now completely free to use. Premium features that will be free to use include profile customization, private uploads and analytics features. Read more……read
August 20, 2014
1. Facebook Is Testing “Stickers” In Comments  Facebook is testing a new feature that allows users to add stickers when posting comments. Read more… 2. Twitter’s New Experiment Includes Favorites On Timeline Twitter is experimenting…read
August 15, 2014
1. Facebook Releases Cross-Device Reporting for Ads Facebook launches a new cross-device reporting feature that allows advertisers to see where a consumer saw an ad, the device they used and then the device they used…read
August 13, 2014
1. Pinterest Adds Messaging Feature Pinterest now offers a chat feature designed for group messaging. The messaging feature is meant to encourage collaboration and discussion on the site. Read more… 2. Snapchat Is the Third…read
August 8, 2014
1. Embedded Tweets Now Available on On, users can now embed tweets within another tweet. Read more… 2. Facebook’s Ad Improvements are Driving Their Revenue Growth Facebook’s strong Q2 earnings are driven by…read
August 6, 2014
1. Schedule Instagram Posts with ScheduGram ScheduGram allows users to pre-schedule Instagram posts and manage multiple Instagram accounts through one interface. Read more… 2. Twitter Partners With Puma to Test “Flock to Unlock” Advertising Program…read
August 1, 2014
1. Snapchat Valued at $10 Billion Despite the fact that Snapchat never has made any revenue, the company is valued at $10 billion. Read more… 2. Facebook’s Project Launches In Zambia Facebook continues to…read
July 30, 2014
1. Facebook Is Forcing Users to Use Messenger App Users will soon be required to use Facebook’s Messenger app in order to chat directly with their Facebook friends on mobile devices. Read more… 2. LinkedIn’s…read
July 30, 2014
1. Facebook Is Forcing Users to Use Messenger App Users will soon be required to use Facebook’s Messenger app in order to chat directly with their Facebook friends on mobile devices. Read more… 2. LinkedIn’s…read
July 25, 2014
1. Infographic On What, Where, and Why People Post On Social Media On social networks, users love to share photos and opinions, and the majority of users share content to support causes that they care…read
July 23, 2014
1. Pinterest Ranks High In Customer Satisfaction When it comes to user satisfaction, Pinterest ranks as the top social media site. Read more… 2. Twitter Is Making Improvements to Direct Messages Twitter plans to update…read
July 18, 2014
1. Twitter Tells Marketers to Focus On Everyday Moments Major events such as the World Cup provide great ways for brands to connect with consumers, but once those events are over, consumers have since moved…read
July 16, 2014
1. Twitter Releases Improved Dashboard Data The new and improved Twitter analytics dashboard now includes detailed data on the performance of organic tweets. Read more… 2. LinkedIn Acquires Newsle, A Google Alerts Style Network LinkedIn…read
July 11, 2014
1. The New Social Networking App Sobrr Erases Everything After 24 Hours To encourage users to go out and live in the moment, photos and comments that are posted on the new social networking app…read
July 9, 2014
1. LinkedIn Is Gaining Two New Members Every Second, Every Day  Some fascinating facts about LinkedIn: LinkedIn adds two new members every second of every day. 1.5 million users look for jobs on the site…read
July 2, 2014
1. Facebook Experimented With Emotional Posts On Timeline with 700,000 Users Facebook conducted a psychological experiment manipulating people’s news feeds and found that people who saw fewer positive posts on their feed wrote more negative…read
June 25, 2014
1.Facebook Slowly Moving to Real Time Stream Facebook plans to compete with Twitter’s real time stream and convince users that Facebook is the dominant social channel to discuss current events. Facebook’s VP of Media Partnerships…read
June 20, 2014
1. Twitter to Acquire SnappyTV To integrate the best video content into Twitter’s real-time conversation, Twitter announced plans to acquire SnappyTV. Read more… 2. MiTú, the YouTube Network for Latinos Raises $10 million MiTú, a…read
June 13, 2014
1. Pinterest Officially Launches Guided Search  A new Guided Search feature will be available on Pinterest over the next few weeks, and the feature helps users discover things that they didn’t even know they were…read
June 11, 2014
1. Facebook and Twitter to Compete for Real-Time World Cup Conversation With the World Cup only a few days away, Facebook and Twitter will both serve as a platform for news and conversation about the…read
June 6, 2014
1. LinkedIn Profile Changes Coming Soon Similar to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, LinkedIn announced that users would be able to upload cover photos to their profile pages. For premium subscribers, premium users also will receive…read
June 4, 2014
1. Apple Announces iOS 8 Apple’s latest update offers a slew of new features that includes health metrics, predictive typing suggestions, and the option to search for photos by location. Read more… 2. Instagram Unveils…read
May 30, 2014
1. Former Twitter Employee Creates “Choose Your Own Adventure Games” On Vine A former Twitter employee has made the popular Choose Your Own Adventure Games come alive on Vine. Called “The AdVINEture,” users can star…read
May 28, 2014
1. Yahoo Set to Launch a YouTube Competitor This Summer This summer Yahoo plans to launch a video service that can directly compete with Google’s. Similar to YouTube, Yahoo’s new service will allow users to…read
May 20, 2014
2014 is the year of content marketing. As the hype behind social media begins to die down, marketers are focusing back on the core of the online medium – content. Content marketing is the crux…read
April 24, 2014
Flowers? Chocolate? Jewelry? What is the best gift to give the person who gave you life? For those tired of the conventional Mother’s Day gift ideas, it’s a worthwhile endeavor to look at different companies’…read
April 21, 2014
Our client, MediaMath, was looking for a #cutthru idea that would help them engage with senior marketers and ultimately lead to a conversation about programmatic digital ad buying. Their platform is called TerminalOne Marketing Operating…read
March 31, 2014
Mobile traffic is growing rapidly and marketers need to learn how to adjust brand content to this trend. Mobile marketing and its related strategies, such as location-based marketing, have gained traction. BI Intelligence found that…read
February 26, 2014
The Oscars is a great time for brands to take advantage of real-time marketing — it’s a night full of celebrities, entertainment, and second screen social engagement with millions of Americans who are tuning in.…read
February 4, 2014
We all know who won the Super Bowl on Sunday night, but Renegade is more interested in who won the high-stakes real-time marketing melee. After a thorough review of the contenders, we’re declaring Tide the…read
January 30, 2014
While last Sunday’s GRAMMYs showcased some amazing helmets and hats that you will surely see on the street this year, brands took this opportunity in the social space and reacted promptly by claiming rights to…read
January 28, 2014
Samsung is hoping to beat out Google in the latest tech-race to be the first provider of a computing eyewear device. Samsung calls their version “Galaxy Glass.” The device would connect directly with your smartphone…read
January 22, 2014
In 2013, 1.6 billion pictures were shared over social media and mobile photo sharing apps. That’s a rate of 600 million photos shared daily. To give you perspective of how quickly that number is growing,…read
January 14, 2014
  Marketing Resolutions large resized 600 Well, 2014 is here in full swing. What better time to set some new marketing goals? Here, seven top CMOs share their key resolutions for the year ahead. 1.…read
January 3, 2014
Maybe you’ve heard, but 2013 was a big year for women on social media. Believe it or not, we ladies now outnumber male users on almost every major platform, and we’ve got some data to…read