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Social News Roundup | March 4, 2015


1. ‘U.S. News & World Report’ Backs Best Colleges Rankings with Facebook’s Interest Targeting | SocialTimes

USNewsAndWorldReportBanner resized 600 

Photo courtesy of

U.S. News & World Report social media editor Lauren Boyer used interest targeting to focus on Facebook users who had expressed interest in the top five schools on each ranking list. Read More…


2. Bolthouse Farms Challenge Aims To Drive 1M Fruit, Vegetable Images Posted Per Day

bolthousefarms resized 600

Photo courtesy of 

Bolthouse Farms — producer of fresh carrots, juices and other products, and one of the backers of the FNV marketing push — has now also launched its own new "Fruit & Veggie Takeover" social media initiative. Read More… 


3. How Can Facebook Advertisers Find the Right Photo-Video Mix?

fbads fbiq resized 600

Photo courtesy of Facebook IQ

Over an eight-day period in November 2014, Facebook helped an advertiser run a test that compared three sequencing strategies held over two four-day phases across both desktop and mobile News Feed in the U.S. Each group was targeted with a single ad, either video or photo (link ad). Read More… 


4. Twitter Videos Now Embeddable on Websites

Courtesty of Oakland Athletics Twitter

Twitter has been making major improvements to its video capabilities, aside from its Vine app. Now, Twitter announced that you can embed a video from Twitter to a website. Read More… 


5. INFOGRAPHIC: Which Selfies Draw the Most Likes?

selfie oncom resized 600

Photo courtesy of compared the average number of likes for selfies and non-selfies, focusing on time of day, location, gender and consumer behavior trends. Read more… 


6. Kelly Clarkson's Twitter listening party takes you inside her new album

Kelly Clarkson helped fans decipher her new studio album during a Twitter listening party on Tuesday, generating thounsands of engagements. Read more… 

Social News Roundup | February 18, 2015


1) Sweden is the World’s Most Romantic Country, Says Twitter

twitter love heat map 

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Twitter tracked Tweets mentioning the phrase “I love you” in over 100 different countries and found that Sweden was the most romantic nation in the world. Read more…

2) Words with Friends Players Spill the Beans on Valentine’s Day [Infographic]

Words with Friends Infographic

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Zynga has revealed the results of its fourth annual Valentine’s Day survey, which saw almost 70,000 Words with Friends players, share how they express their love (and respond to romantic language) both in the real world, and in the game. Read more…

3) Inmate gets 37.5 Years in Solitary Confinement for 38 Facebook Posts


Photo Courtesy of Social Times

The South Carolina Department of Corrections has been bringing down the hammer hard on inmates who are caught posting to social networks. Read more…

4) Facebook’s iOS App Gets Noisy


Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Are you hearing strange sounds while navigating the Facebook iOS application? Don’t worry: You’re not going crazy. Read more…

5) Valentine’s Day: Nanigans Examines Facebook Costs per Click


Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Social marketing platform Nanigans, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, examined trends in costs per click for ads on the social network during the period around Valentine’s Day 2014. Read more…

6) Foursquare Eliminates Barriers To Mobile App

Foursquare logo

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

Reducing barriers to entry, Foursquare no longer requires new users to sign up for an account before accessing its mobile application. Read more…

7) Oakley Launches Global ‘Obsession’ Campaign With Athletes

 okley 188 OQQRnqB

Photo Courtesy of MediaPost

Action-gear company Oakley is launching a global digital push, “One Obsession,” whose goal is to get people to “join the brand’s global network of renowned athlete ambassadors in living out their passions,” the company says. Read more…

Social News Roundup | February 6, 2015


1) Coke Suspends Automated Campaign After Being Tricked Into Tweeting from ‘Mein Kampf’


Photo Courtesy of Flickr

Coca-Cola has suspended the automated tweeting that’s a core part of its #MakeItHappy campaign, after a Gawker prank. Read more…

2) Facebook updates celebrity-loving Mentions app

 describe the image

Photo Courtesy of Mashable

Facebook rolled out an update on Thursday to its celebrity-focused mentions app, making it easier for high-profile users to interact with fans. Read more…

3) Facebook Multi-Product Ads Now Available via Power Editor

 describe the image

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Facebook introduced multi-product ads last June, and they are now available to all via the Power Editor. Read more…

4) FCC Announces Proposal to Reclassify Internet as a Common Carrier

 describe the image

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

For more than a year, the FCC has struggled to put together a solution regarding Net Neutrality. Read more…

5) WhatsApp testing voice calls on Android

describe the image

Photo Courtesy of Mashable

WhatsApp may be getting closer to launching its voice call features. The company is currently testing the feature with a “small group” of Android users. Read more…

Social News Roundup | February 4, 2015


1) Pinterest Expands Promoted Pins, Enhances Brand Presence 

describe the image

Photo Courtesy of MediaPost

Expanding its Promoted Pins business, Pinterest is testing ads in users’ home feeds and other locations. Read more…


2) Consumers ‘Blind’ To Branded Content on Social Media


Photo Courtesy of

It’s no secret that marketers have been (very) annoyed by Facebook’s repeated moves to cut their organic reach of their branded content – after all, what was the point of assiduously building up your fan following over years and years if you can’t even reach them any more? Read more…


 3) Twitter Has More ‘Hidden’ Users Than Active Users (Which Means It’s Bigger Than You Think)


Photo Courtesy of Social Times

While one in five adult internet users worldwide are technically active on the Twitter platform, more than one in three regularly visit Twitter without even logging in. Read more…


 4) Consumer Trust In Social Networks Up from Last Year


Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Facebook and Pinterest remain the most trusted social networks for product recommendation and shopping, according to the Social Recommendation Index released by Social Media Link. Read more…


 5) Facebook Launches Place Tips, Giving More Location-Based Info


Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Facebook recently announced a new feature – place tips – which surfaces richer content based on your location from people you know. Read more…


6) Twitter tests ‘Instant Timelines’ – with tweets from users you don’t follow


Photo Courtesy of Mashable

Signing up for Twitter can be a tedious and confusing process for new users. Read more…


 7) Average User has 5.54 Social Media Accounts, Says Study


Photo Courtesy of Media Post

How many social media accounts do you have? Facebook, almost certainly. Probably Twitter and Instagram. LinkedIn for work, of course. Maybe you tried Google+. What about Snapchat, Tumblr, Vine and Pinterest? Read more… 

Social News Roundup | January 16, 2015


1) Facebook at Work prepping for its release 

FacebookAtWork 116

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

A few select pilot partners are now able to test the Facebook at Work application, which will have similar elements as Facebook. Users’ personal Facebook accounts and Facebook at Work accounts will be kept separate. Read more...


2) Additions to LinkedIn

LinkedIn 116

Photo Courtesy of Paul Sakuma, Associated Press

LinkedIn has limited release of “InMail” for companies, and is exploring intra-office content sharing. Read more...


3) Big Moments in 2015 determined by Twitter

BigMoments 116

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Can your brand capitalize on some of these moments? Find out here.


4) The correlation between Twitter and movie ticket sales

TwitterMovies 116

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

A new study finds that 3 in 5 UK users said Twitter influenced their decision to go see a movie. Read more...


5) High number of unanswered Facebook page questions

FBPageQuestions 116

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Study finds that questions posted to Facebook pages are only answered 42.4% of the time. Read more...


6) Twitter buy button focuses on small items, so far...

TwitterBuyButtom 116

Twitter Marketing Manager, Ori Carmel, states that he doesn’t “see a whole lot of people fully converting on bigger purchase items that involve a more complex decision process. That will take a little bit more time. And of course, Apple Pay is going to accelerate all that.” Read more...


7) Well this is awkward, Blackberry…

REALBlackberryImage 116

Photo Courtesy of Luke Leonard, Mashable.

A tweet, which has since been deleted, was sent out from the official Blackberry Twitter account with a ‘Twitter for iPhone’ notification along the button. Yikes. Read more..

Social News Roundup | January 14, 2015



1) Amber Alerts to appear in Facebook’s News Feed

AmberAlertFB 114

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Facebook teamed up with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to aid in the search for missing children.  Read more...


2) #JeSuisCharlie growing

jesuischarlie 114

#JeSuisCharlie was used over 3 million times on Twitter within the first two days and is being reported as one of the most popular hashtags in Twitter history. Read more...


3) Your social media How-To

PerfectPost 114

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

This cheat sheet breaks down some of the key elements that create a “perfect” post for every social media channel.


4) Twitter tips

TwitterTips 114

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

This infographic shares some interesting statistics which help to determine which tweets get the most conversions. Hint: including shortened links and adding attention-grabbing images helps!


5) The two most discussed products at #CES this year?

CES 114

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

UltraHD TVs and wearable technology. See what else topped the list here.


6) This week’s Instagram video rankings

Starbucks 114

Photo Courtesy of AdWeek (Image by Artist Rachel Ryle)

Starbuck’s stop-motion clip was quite the showstopper racking in nearly 197,000 likes and comments. Read more...


7) The Commander and Chief is on Vine

The president took to Vine to announce his #FreeCommunityCollege proposal. Read more...

Social News Roundup | January 9, 2015


1) Golden Globes is getting social

GoldenGlobes 109

Photo Courtesy of AllFacebook

This Sunday night the Golden Globes will be incorporating two new social aspects into their event — a Facebook Booth on the red carpet, where celebs can share video messages with fans, and portraits of the winners taken backstage by renowned photographer Ellen von Unwerth, which will be shared immediately on the Golden Globes Instagram account. Read more...


2) Record, edit and post video with the new Twitter app

TwitterVideo 109

Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

Previously the only way to share videos on Twitter was via Vine, which only allowed for clips of 6 seconds in length. It’s reported that the new Twitter app may allow for longer clips. Read more... 


3) Marketers plan Facebook content further in advance than Twitter content

FacebookPlanInAdvance 109

Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

A new study finds that 25% of marketing executives work a month or more in advance on Facebook content whereas only 16% work on Twitter content that far in advance. Read more...


4) Generalized best times to post

BestTimesToPost 109

Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

Facebook engagement rates peak on Thursdays and Fridays, 5pm is the best time of day to tweet for the highest number of retweets and 8pm-11pm is the best time of day to post a pin on Pinterest. To find more interesting stats click here. 


5) How to find out which social media content will resonate the most with your audience?

HowToFindBestSocMed 109

Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

Studying past campaigns and current user behavior seems to be the way the majority of marketers determine what will engage their audience. Read more...


6) Snapchat Ad success!

SnapchatAd 109

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Data finds that 44% of Snapchat users enjoy “Brand Stories” and 60% like sponsored “Our Stories”. Read more...


7) Doritos releases its ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ Ad Finalists

Doritos 109

Photo Courtesy of AdWeek

Now that Doritos has narrowed it down to the top ten you can vote here for your favorite independent filmmaker-created ad to be aired during the Super Bowl. Read more...

Social News Roundup | December 31, 2014


Happy New Year! 

1. A year’s worth of news trends


Photo courtesy of Echelon Insights 

From the State of the Union to the hacking of Sony, see what news was trending on Twitter in 2014. Read More…


2. The best of Brands in 2014


Photo courtesy of 

Relive the best marketing of 2014 with Old Spice’s “Mom Song,” the Super Bowl “Puppy Love” video and Always’ #LikeAGirl campaigns. Read More…


3. 2014’s most viral moments.

2014 Oscar Selfie resized 600 

Photo courtesy of

The Oscar Selfie is one for the record books. See what else went viral in 2014. Read More…


4. Pinterest to begin promoting pins in 2015

2014 Pinterst Promo resized 600 

Photo courtesy of

Pinterest has a good New Year’s resolution: make some money. They announced this week that as of January, they’ll start selling ads on their network in the form of Promoted Pins. Read More…


5. Ello to get a facelift in 2015

2014 Ello 

Photo courtesy of 

For those of you still keeping tabs on Ello, they’ve announced some new features for the new year. Read More…


6. Amex finds success in “take-over” campaign


Photo courtesy of

Amex gave six influecers access to its Instagram account and increased its engagement by 23%. Read More…


7. The biggest struggles of today’s digital Marketers.


Photo courtesy of

According to an infographic from SiriusDecisions, many B2B business aren’t using available Social Media Intelligence (SMI) tools to their advantage. Read More…

Social News Roundup | December 17, 2014


1) Welcome to the Instagram filter family Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden & Perpetua!

instagramfilters 1217

Photo Courtesy of Blog.Instagram

Instagram adds 5 new filters for your photos.


2) Facebook making even more changes to search


Photo Courtesy of Mashable

Facebook drops Bing, its primary search engine, in exchange for its own search tool to give better results. Read more...


3) You can now create GIFs on YouTube

YOutubeGufs 1217

Photo Courtesy of Mashable

YouTube makes creating GIFs from videos as simple as sharing. Read more...


4) Colors used on Facebook pages can affect page engagement

FBColors 1217

Photo Courtesy of All Facebook

An analysis done by Wisemetrics found that the color green seems to increase engagement but not so much for pink and red.  Read more...


5) Want a user to remain loyal to your brand? Twitter is the way to go.

Twitterloyal 1217

Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

A GlobalWebIndex Brand report found that only 13% of respondents unfollowed a brand on Twitter whereas 30% of respondents have un-Liked a brand Page on Facebook. Read more...


6) Email is the best way to drive up online shopping sales

e maildriveupsales 1217

Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

Study shows that users are 6x more likely to click email links than social links. Read more...

Social News Roundup | December 12, 2014


1) A look back on Social Media in 2014

LookBackOn2104 1212

Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

You may be surprised which 2014 marketing predictions came true, and which ones didn’t. Find out here.

Facebook and YouTube released their ‘2014 Year in Review’ videos this week where they highlighted some of the most-discussed topics and viral videos of the year. 


2) Facebook introduces Call-to-Action Buttons

FBCallToAction 1212

Photo Courtesy of All Facebook

The seven calls to action that will be available include: Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up and Watch Video. Read more...


3) Twitter releases tailored audiences for their mobile apps


Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

The purpose of the product is to help users “drive the highest possible ROI in app install and app engagement campaigns” as stated by Kelton Lynn, Group Product Maneger at Twitter. Read more...


4) LinkedIn slowly rolling out a new design for users

LinkedIn 1212

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

The redesigned homepage features an updated dashboard, a “Keep in Touch” box as well as an area designated for the site’s publishing platform, LinkedIn Pulse. Read more...


5) Facebook gets Trendier

FbTrending 1212

Photo Courtesy of Media Post

Facebook adds a live feed and other features to the Trending section on their page. Read more...


6) Instagram surpasses Twitter in number of users

IG300followers 1212

Photo Credit Social Times

This week Instagram hit a milestone and reached 300 million followers vs. Twitter’s 284 million. Read more...

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