We recently relocated to Greenwich Village just below Union Square on 11th Street and University Place. Ours is a cozy little neighborhood that was once marshlands and later the birthplace of the Beat Movement. We are grateful that the beat goes on and that there is nary a hint of marsh fumes at any of our new favorite eateries.

the information

41 East 11th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10003

Phone: 646-486-7700
Fax: 646-486-7800


Drew Neisser

the directions

41 East 11th Street is at the corner of 11th Street and University Place. When visiting, drop by our reception desk on the 2nd floor.

the subways

The 4,5,6, N, R, L and Q trains all stop at Union Square/14th St. From there, just walk three blocks south on University Place.

the parking situation

There are several garages nearby. The closest is at 114 University Place between 12th and 13th Streets.