Stephanie Isaacs - Director Client Services

A revered pragmatist, Stephanie is the go to person at Renegade to get things done, which is why it is a good thing she's in charge of account management. Whether driving a social media program or producing a new website or hosting an event, Renegade clients count on Stephanie to make it happen on time, on budget and with steadfast cheer.

During her 10 years at Renegade, Stephanie has led social media engagements for the Empire State Building, Donnelley Financial Solutions, STATE Grill and Bar, TheBU Kombucha, Jenny Craig and AXA Equitable, amongst others. She has helped launch social networks for small business owners and CMOs as well as oversaw the development of various websites like and Stephanie has also led overall marketing plan development and implementation for B2B companies like RR Donnelley Tungsten Networks. Stephanie is now the Director of Client services, making sure that clients are continually surprised and delighted.

Stephanie has seen the band Phish perform over 90 times and undoubtedly will see them again quite soon—take this as a metaphor for her dedication to your business.

Prior to Renegade, Stephanie spent 10 years at RDA, a full service advertising agency, working her way from Receptionist to Account Supervisor. Her time there was spent developing and executing strategic marketing programs for a variety of Clients such as Video Game Publishers (Acclaim Entertainment, Microsoft and 2K Games/Sports), Musical Instruments (Korg Keyboards, Marshall and VOX Amps) and Fashion (Todd Oldham Jeans and SG Footwear). In between her time there and her arrival at Renegade she spent 4 months living and traveling in Europe, and of course – seeing Phish.