The Skylark Social Media

When the going gets tough, the tough speak elegantly…

Name a rooftop bar in New York City. Now, name five. Now, name five, but just in midtown.

Most city-dwellers can rattle off the names of at least this many in under a minute, no problem. But when you’re running a rooftop bar in midtown Manhattan, this isn’t exactly music to your ears.

Enter The Skylark, a newly-opened lounge situated 30 floors above the Theatre District.


Chic, mature, but decidedly un-stuffy, with stunning midtown views and a roof deck—however, unlike the majority of its competitors, no hotel to provide a constant funnel of thirsty patrons. So, The Skylark’s owners came to Renegade looking for a socially-driven way to entice the beautiful people of New York City into its stylish spaces—without the gimmicks.

No hotel attached? No problem.

Renegade developed a brand voice and online presence as sophisticated and finessed as The Skylark itself, including a cheeky content series on Instagram called “Skylark Speak,” which offered re-purposed definitions of common work-and-play lingo—with a twist of happy-hour blasé. The team’s efforts soon had in-the-know types and tourists alike talking about the city’s newest sky-high spot on social media.

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