Toasted Head Fire Things Up

How to fire up sales in a smoldering market

A cult favorite among premium wine drinkers since the mid-1990’s, Toasted Head was looking to maintain its position as the late 00’s recession pushed consumers to lower priced wines. We knew that fans of Toasted Head had two things in common: they loved the fire-breathing bear on the label and sought to make the most of every occasion.


Feeling hot, hot, hot

Renegade’s 360° cut-through experience for Toasted Head began with a battle cry for both the sales force and the consumer to “Fire Things Up.” Literally. This white-hot call-to-action sparked a series of promotions including fire artists at tasting events and highly engaging point-of-sale pieces. Social media outreach included using integrated ads on Facebook, as well as the application Social Calendar, both of which gathered thousands of fired-up fans.


Where there’s smoke…

The results were illuminating. Toasted Head established the largest community on Facebook for any wine brand in less than two months, and maintained its rank as the 7th best-selling chardonnay in the U.S. in spite of a lukewarm economy.

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