Renegade clients appreciate the fact that their challenges are unique, and therefore the solutions we provide are fully customized to meet their specific needs.

That said, our engagements include one or more of these specialties:

Renegade Thinking

Renegade Thinking

Imagine you could bolt on a creative brain trust to your leadership team; one that mercilessly challenges assumptions, strips away any false idols and delivers a precise roadmap for turning marketing into a 10x revenue engine. That’s Renegade Thinking – and we offer it as a stand-alone service to only one client per quarter.

Renegade Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Starting with our storyfinder audit, we’ll help you cut through the crap that passes for content in your industry. In addition to crafting your 360° strategy, Renegade can supplement your internal team and existing partners to conceive, execute and measure all the content the plan requires including story-driven research studies, whitepapers, blog posts, videos, infographics, etc.

Renegade Social Media

Social Media

As early adopters, we’ve witnessed the rise and fall of organic social media and have adapted our services accordingly. In addition to a heavy emphasis on strategy, social listening, story-driven content, employee advocacy and social selling, Renegade won’t take on a new social media client unless there is sufficient budget for paid social amplification.

360° Marketing Services

With a long history of helping clients make the most of their marketing dollars, Renegade provides a full-range of strategically savvy marketing services.

Marketers rely on Renegade for our clarity of thought and unique ability to quickly identify both the issues that may be impeding growth and the opportunities that can accelerate growth.


Marketing Services Include:

  • Current program assessment & troubleshooting
  • Marketing strategy development & research
  • 360° campaign ideation & production
  • Brand identity research & development
  • New product introductions
  • Internal marketing
  • Retention initiatives
  • Coordinating paid media strategy (with partners)

Social Media

Informed by Renegade’s proprietary Social Media Success Pyramid, we help clients build a strong foundation for their social media efforts, brick by brick. Most importantly, we start by defining success, which often includes a combination of customer retention, lead generation, employee recruitment and SEO improvements.

Renegade social media engagements often begin with our Social Media Audit, which helps clients understand the options available, the competitive landscape, industry best practices and the cross-disciplined requirements to execute a successful program.


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Additional Social Media Services Include:

  • Soup-to-nuts social media program management
  • Strategic road map
  • Brand voice & point-of-view resolution
  • Promotion & application development
  • Content marketing strategy & execution
  • Influencer programs
  • Crisis/disaster plan development
  • Monitoring tool recommendations
  • Analytics & reporting
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