December 10, 2014

Social News Roundup | December 10, 2014

1) Facebook makes searching easier…

Photo Courtesy of All Facebook

Facebook now allows users to search through any posts that have ever been shared with them. Read more…   2) …and so does Twitter!

Photo Courtesy of Mashable

Twitter’s advanced search update allows users to search through any user’s tweet history. Read more…   3) Netflix introduces ‘Tweet Me a Reminder’

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Twitter and Netflix have teamed up to test a new way to remind Netflix watchers of a show’s debut. Read more…   4) Facebook revamps ad reporting

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The update makes it easier to easier access saved reports, choose from existing templates and save, schedule, share and export reports. Read more…   5) Deviant Art goes mobile

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

DeviantArt, a successful social media platform for art, is now launching a mobile app where artists can connect and share their work much like they are able to do on the website. Read more…   6) The Grammy’s Twitter takeover This year’s Grammy nominees were announced by musicians and TV personalities via Twitter in an attempt to “celebrate each nominee” and “let each announcement live its own moment” as explained by Recording Academy CMO, Evan Greene. Read more…   7) UPS launches #WishesDelivered The social campaign invites the public to share their holiday wishes with a video or personal message on the Wishes Delivered home page. UPS grants some of the wishes themselves and for every wish that is posted they donate $1 to one of their three charity partners. Read more…   8) First ever live Twitter autograph session From Nov. 23-24 Xfinity Sport’s encouraged their followers to send out tweets with #SignMyTweet to enter for a chance to have the tweet signed by Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith. During a live 2 hour signing Emmitt was able to sign 400 of the tweets (and rip up a “Cowboys suck” tweet). Read more…   9) Social Reach increases exponentially through employee sharing

Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

As seen in this infographic with just 60 employees you can increase your company’s reach by 60%.