July 10, 2015

Social News Roundup | July 10, 2015

1. When to Post to Facebook and Twitter for Maximum Responses Untitled:Users:renegade:Desktop:shutterstock_220791187.jpg Photo courtesy of SocialTimes Klout and Lithium Technologies found that maximum engagement for Twitter and Facebook is between 7 and 8 p.m. Discover more social media posting strategies in this SocialTimes piece.   2. Visual Media Changes How Humans Consume Information (Infographic) Untitled:Users:renegade:Desktop:HumanEye.jpg Photo courtesy of SocialTimes Humans are processing information differently with an increase in consumption of visual media. For example, 81% of people skim articles instead of reading them online. Find out how brands should evolve in this infographic.   3. 4 Recommendations (and 1 Calculation) to Improve Social Media Engagement Untitled:Users:renegade:Desktop:shutterstock_225264403.jpg Photo courtesy of SocialTimes One way to improve your brand’s social media engagement is to have a deeper understanding of your audience. Check out the other ways here.   4. Facebook’s New Floating Video Feature Lets You Scroll While You Watch Untitled:Users:renegade:Desktop:fb-video.jpg Photo courtesy of Mashable As if our attention spans weren’t already too short, Facebook now lets you watch videos while you peruse your newsfeed. Find out the full scoop on Mashable.   5. 10 Characteristics of Killer Twitter CTAs You Can Use Today Untitled:Users:renegade:Desktop:twitter-cta.jpg Photo courtesy of SocialTimes Including a call-to-action (CTA) in your tweet can help your brand increase engagement with its audience. Discover  ten attributes to keep in mind when prompting your target to take action.   6. Mobile Draws Stronger Neurological Responses Than TV (Study) Untitled:Users:renegade:Desktop:FacebookIQTVvsMobileExperimentDesign.jpg Photo courtesy of SocialTimes A recent study by Facebook IQ and agency SalesBrain showed that our proximity to the mobile screen makes us more attentive than when watching TV. Check out this and other key takeaways for marketers here.