May 16, 2013

3 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t Working: #1- Poor Research

This is the scenario: Your company does everything it’s supposed to do when it comes to social. You sign up for all the major social networks, create visually appealing content and a content calendar, but then something weird happens.

You’ll start posting and only receive a few Likes and not much other engagement. What’s wrong with your social media strategy? Right now you probably have your head in your hands, trying to figure it out. It’s OK, we’ve got three reasons to explain why your social media strategy isn’t working; here’s the first of them:

Your research wasn’t strong enough.

The purpose of research is to make sure every piece of forthcoming content that is created, carries your brand’s message and resonates with your audience. To do this, exhaustive levels of research are needed. When conducting research, the most important things to consider are; what words your audience is using (keywords), what they’re saying about your brand, how they interact with each other and their voice. This will allow you to create content that drives engagement amongst your target audience.

Below are a couple of examples of brands that are creating great content on social because they really got to know their audience:


Screen shot 2013 05 16 at 12.56.16 PM

Can you see typical Coke drinkers asking themselves this? Even though this image is simple, it says that Coke is listening to how their customers are interacting with their product. This shows that Coke is paying attention to what online users are saying about their brand and doing so in a way that encourages interaction. And it doesn’t directly push the product—Coca-Cola knows users don’t like being directly marketed to on social media. It’s not hard to imagine that someone posted the question about how many sips a can contains on Coke’s wall, and the question then became inspiration for content. It’s a question that most users of this product ask themselves and is proven by the large number of engagement they received for this post.


describe the image

In GOOD’s bio, it simply states that it is a “…platform for its members to share what’s good to learn and do in pursuit of individual and collective progress.” That’s a defining statement. By taking the word “learn,” GOOD expresses it knows that most of its fans practice that behavior through reading. They’ve coupled that with content tailored for their bookworm audience, such as pictures of well-designed furniture for reading, knowing that this type of content will drive engagement. They also know that by simply asking for shares they’ll get them, which is why this piece of content received the highest amount of shares in that week.

Stay tuned for reason number 2 why your social media strategy isn’t working.