What makes Renegade the best friend B2B marketers could possibly have right now?

In a proprietary 2020 study Renegade conducted among 133 B2B CMOs, 85% noted that marketing had become more complex in the last 12-24 months. Among the biggest factors driving this complexity, more target audiences (61%), more data (52%), less budget to work with (47%) and the newest one, finding alternatives to in-person events (80%). Throw in an economic slowdown (50% of those surveyed said their business was hurt by the pandemic) and you have a bunch of CMOs trying to do more with less. Sound familiar?   

Success in this environment takes a whole lot of savvy. The kind that you could get if you had time to interview more than 400 CMOs from the most successful brands in the world. The kind that you could get by moderating conversations with top CMOs every week. Or you could just skip those steps and engage Renegade, NYC’s savviest B2B marketing agency. 

You see, our CEO has not only hosted the highly acclaimed weekly podcast for CMOs, Renegade Thinkers Unite, for the last 4 years, but also in 2020, he founded CMO Huddles, a peer-to-peer advisory service. So now he’s moderating insight-rich conversations with 50+ CMOs every month. It’s a fire hose of savvy and it could be pointed at your most pressing challenges.  

 Armed with the collective wisdom of our CMO network, a keen eye for data analytics, and a team of creatives from a wide range of backgrounds, Renegade is ready to help you craft and execute a unique B2B marketing strategy, no matter what hurdles stand in your way. But that’s enough about us, let’s talk about you. Click here to book a free ½ hour consultation with our CEO. 


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