B2B marketing has become ridiculously complicated but not more effective. Let’s fix that. Now. And together.

Welcome to the home of the ridiculously simple playbook for B2B innovators. As perennial students of marketing, like you, we keep learning. One way we do that is to interview CMOs every week for our podcast (Renegade Thinkers Unite) and the CMO Spotlight column for AdAge. Another way is through our own quantitative research, which recently included a survey of over 100 CMOs. That study revealed a fundamental problem—B2B marketing has become a lot more complicated even in the last 12-24 months. In fact, 9 out of 10 CMOs surveyed acknowledge a significant increase in complexity but very few can point to a corresponding improvement in results. So, what gives? Well, as it turns out, for B2B innovators, more is less. More staff, more technology, more channels, more targets, more personas and a heck of a lot more content, does not equal more effectiveness. But it does equal more costs, more grief and more CMO turnover. As Marie Kondo might say if she spoke English, less is more, if.

And this is where Renegade’s ridiculously simple playbook comes in. Less is only more if you have one purpose-driven story statement that holds all of your marketing together.  Less is only more if this purpose-driven story statement resonates with your employees, your customers, and your prospects. Less is only more if you can fit your marketing plan onto one page and each of the 18 or fewer action items make your story statement real. Finally, less is only more if you can identify 3 metrics that really matter. So, without any more ifs, ands or buts, let’s crush the complexity out of your current marketing plan. Let’s be renegades. Let’s cut through.


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