Cofense Relaunch

Relaunching a cybersecurity brand with renewed purpose

Cofense is a phishing defense company that began as a startup called PhishMe. Having pioneered an intelligent, collaborative approach to phishing defense, PhishMe quickly became the leader in the category. This dramatic success led to an expanded solution suite tied to a broader vision, and culminated in a rebranding as Cofense in 2018.

Unfortunately, the launch of the new company name stalled for a number of reasons, and in its wake a newly-installed CMO enlisted Renegade in 2019 to relaunch the new brand with a clarified purpose.

Our discovery and research, including interviews with key stakeholders and customers, a SWOT analysis, and a brand essence exploratory, led us to a single purpose that would become a rallying cry as well as a tagline: Uniting humanity against phishing. The phrase encapsulates the brand’s unique mission of building a single, common front against phishing attacks, powered by humans, enabled by technology.

The phrase also defines an atypical enemy—not bad actors, careless employees or malicious emails, but the act of phishing itself. That matters, because in a category dominated by fear, uncertainty and doubt, it’s easy to point to individual people and emails as the problem, while Cofense’s more comprehensive approach is based on gaining a deep understanding of the process behind phishing attacks, informed by real-world data.


Armed with this new purpose-driven story statement, Renegade conceived and scripted two new brand videos—a 90-second anthem that helped kick-off Submerge, Cofense’s annual user conference and a :15 for inflight placement.

We also helped design a number of pieces, from premiums to lock screens and posters, to further advance the mission in 2020.

Cofense - Socks for SOCs