Cvent Global Event Success Study

Celebrating great content to celebrate the customer

Renegade initiated the first ever global event “success” study for Cvent which informed customers, generated press coverage and provided product development insights.

When we met the folks at Cvent, their company was already the leading provider of event management software. Cvent’s extensive product suite has been helping event pros, meeting planners and marketing executives manage some of the biggest and most effective events in the world for over a decade. Being an ambitious, fast-growing company, Cvent challenged Renegade to audit their approach to social media and content marketing and identify opportunities to raise the bar.

Celebrating Event Success

As the category leader, Renegade identified a unique opportunity for Cvent to become the champion of the effectiveness of events relative to other marketing tactics. We summarized this approach with the rallying cry “Celebraing Event Success,” while recommending a myriad of ways to bring this idea to life across multiple marketing channels. Importantly, we believed that there was a way of doing this that would benefit Cvent customers—especially those whose careers are tied to event effectiveness.

Marketing as Service

The “Celebrating Event Success” program is a classic example of marketing as a genuine service. First, Renegade and Cvent organized the first-ever global event effectiveness survey using data gathered from over 2,200 respondents—all professionals involved in managing or planning events—and eventually published a comprehensive report based on the findings.

This report contained benchmarking data that was extremely helpful to event professionals. The findings of the study were first presented at Cvent’s annual customer meeting—a meeting that also carried the theme “Celebrating Meetings and Event Success.” Renegade then created a social media and content marketing road map that celebrated the people, places and processes that help make events successful.