MCE Systems
MCE Systems Market Research

Rethinking a Mobile Device Lifecycle Management brand to rally customers, employees, and prospects around a massive opportunity.

MCE Systems is a pioneer in the mobile device lifecycle management marketplace, having created over $2.5B of shareholder value since 2005. MCE provides industry-leading solutions that empower telecom operators to generate more revenue, while putting money back in the pockets of their customers through efficient, fair mobile device trade-in solutions.

After 17 years of operation, an Israel-based company found that its product offering had evolved significantly, and it was time for the brand to follow suit. In 2022, MCE enlisted Renegade to help develop that brand, and articulate the brand’s purpose in a way that would engage employees, customers, and prospects.

Our work began with research, including extensive customer and employee interviews, and then a series of much larger global surveys. This, along with a close analysis of the MCE’s existing brand, product offering, and competition, helped lead to a reimagining of the MCE initials: Mobilizing Customer Experiences. Those three words helped unite MCE’s goals as a provider of lifecycle management tools for mobile devices: providing value for their target—the biggest mobile carriers in the world—by helping them better serve consumers.

The MCE name now also represented a largely underserved market: mobile device trade-ins and lifecycle management. Our global study on consumer perceptions identified the many areas of weakness in the present market, and found a $50 billion opportunity for mobile operators in the US tied to dissatisfied customers, and a growing number of mobile phones being stashed or thrown away, rather than being traded-in for monetary value. With all this in mind, we crafted a new “mobilizer” brand voice that demanded a new approach for creating amazing customer experiences, and provided a rallying cry for mobile providers looking to simultaneously improve their customer satisfaction and bottom line.

With the new brand voice, and the clear brand purpose, Renegade, in partnership with Webmechanix, crafted a new website with a vastly improved look, polished messaging, and a smoother customer experience. We also worked with the MCE team to craft an extensive roadmap of program elements to support the brand’s growth over time. With their positioning, website and global research studies, MCE is challenging the industry to mobilize better, faster and more cost-effective customer experiences.