RR Donnelley
RR Donnelley Financial Solutions

Renegade helped a division of RR Donnelley find a unique positioning for its services that we translated into a potent 360° integrated communications program.

Communications logistics giant RR Donnelley approached Renegade with two re-tooling challenges that we just couldn’t resist…


The first was ActiveDisclosure, online compliance filing software for public companies. Many of its competitors offer fully automated software, but we discovered that ActiveDisclosure’s customers sought the reassurance of a real human being to help with their compliance filing, and that RR Donnelley had an opportunity to turn a perceived negative (not self-service) into a positive (expert-supported). Renegade’s challenge was to create a positioning and marketing campaign to communicate this differentiator to customers.

With our Renegade thinking caps, on, we forged ahead.

The team undertook an extensive auditing process that included interviews with the sales, marketing and product development teams. Renegade translated “expert-supported online compliance” into an entire marketing campaign, including a new website, brand video, digital advertising and sales materials. For customers who required more personalized attention, this repositioning provided a reassuring promise that confounded the competition.

Capital Markets Group

Another assignment focused on a $500 million division within RR Donnelley called the Global Capital Markets Group (GCM). Having grown rapidly through acquisition, GCM offered a range of products and services with different naming structures and numerous visual identities, which made communicating them to customers difficult for the sales force. RR Donnelley engaged Renegade to help organize and streamline the division’s combined portfolio and deliver a unified set of tools to help the sales team do its best work.

After conducting comprehensive interviews, and analyzing GCM offerings and competition, we developed a new brand architecture and naming strategy for its products and services, as well as new nomenclature for the division itself.

Finally, we brought cohesion to the division’s sales materials through the creation of a new visual system, cross-channel communications templates and microsite.