Silicon Valley Comic Con
Silicon Valley Comic Con Social Media

Tapping into social savvy for event success in Silicon Valley

When we signed on to work with Silicon Valley Comic Con, a brand new Steve Wozniak-imagined event, we were thrilled. Cut through for a “con” that dares go where no brand has gone before? Right up a Renegade’s alley.

Cons have increased in popularity and spawned iterations all over the world in the last decade, but never had one brought together pop culture and technology like this before—in the heart of the world’s startup capital, no less.

We sought to generate excitement for the nascent con among comic book fans, tech enthusiasts and science fiends, as well as drive ticket sales, all via social media.

Not a bird, nor a plane, but a social program fully integrated with PR and advertising took flight shortly thereafter. We blasted a steady stream of news to generate excitement for the event—think celebrity appearance announcements, partner news and artist spotlights—and created giveaway promotions across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all of which sent waves of interest through the targets’ networks. Influencers played a crucial role here, too, as we engaged noted cosplayers and tapped into their fan bases.

In just a matter of months, Silicon Valley Comic Con is on track to be one of the most successful first-year “Cons” ever created. It’s an exemplary case for the power of organic social in generating event buzz, and, coupled with several paid social ads, in driving ticket sales. And when it’s time to prep for next year, Silicon Valley Comic Con will already have a league of engaged fans ready to rally for 2017.