TheBu Kombucha
TheBu Kombucha Product Launch

Giving good energy to get good energy.

What do a surfer, one billion probiotics and a heartfelt compliment have in common? A kombucha brand that goes a bottle cap above the rest to make an effervescent impact in its category.

TheBu is a kombucha (read: fermented tea) brewed up by a die-hard surfer from Hawaii who transplanted to southern California. Already a fast-growing brand, TheBu’s investors approached Renegade with a challenge: to make it grow faster and cut through the category with a refreshed—and refreshing—brand image.

Hippie-dippy and home brewing-bro had been done time and time again, so Renegade sought to appeal instead to the active, health-and-fitness seeking sect—mostly female—in the regions where TheBu is distributed. They’re a group that puts an effort into their health, expecting to feel better as a result. With this in mind, we sweated out a campaign that could give back as much as it sought to receive.

The idea was what every self-improving 25-to-40-year old wants to hear: “I like your energy.” TheBu became a brand that not only makes the body feel great, but also makes its customers feel good in person and over social media, providing psychological rewards beyond the great taste and gut-friendly components