Time Warner Cable Business Class
Time Warner Cable Business Class PerkZone

Bringing big benefits to small business owners

Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) wanted to plug into its small business target, helping them to save money and grow their businesses, an initiative that if done correctly would help build loyalty along the way.

Luckily, we at Renegade love a good MARKETING AS SERVICE challenge. With small business owners as the target, we identified the need for shared learning among the SMB community. Renegade created a loyalty program and informational hub within TWCBC’s “My Account” online customer portal that catered specifically to the needs of today’s small-to-medium sized business owners.

The idea was PerkZone: a place of the customers, by the customers, for the customers.

In addition to offering curated content covering a range of topics to help make small business owners’ lives easier (while helping them save money and grow the business) PerkZone included a place for owners to share deals and discounts with each other—a virtual helping hand from peers where one hadn’t existed before.

As PerkZone continued to nurture relationships with and create value for small business owners, TWCBC started feeling the love in return. The program surpassed all goals for engagement, and when we reached out to them, customers enthusiastically shared their own stories of business growth thanks to Time Warner Cable Business Class’s new community portal. Come back for more, they did!