Alan Irikura
Creative Director

Alan Irikura

The expression "still water runs deep" was conceived by someone who got to know Alan Irikura really well. He is indeed a deeply talented individual who would much rather do great work than talk about it.

During his more than 18 years at Renegade, his concept and design talents have touched just about every award-winning campaign we’ve created, including viral campaigns like People Against Fun for Panasonic audio and Neuter Your Bunny for Oxyride batteries and extraordinary event experiences for Panasonic, Nautica, DoubleClick, HSBC and Optimum Business.

More recently, Alan has added to his arsenal of talent, designing “just right” logos for ContextWeb, Condon & Skelly,, The Optimist Network, The Stategic Advisory Board and The CMO Club.

A laid-back Californian at heart, Alan studied art, graphic design and architecture on both coasts while searching for the ideal creative outlet. After moving to New York, Alan worked in the art world before designing his way into Renegade (you wouldn’t have expected him to talk his way in, right?) Alan and his equally talented wife are longtime residents of lower Manhattan; but have lately been getting to know Baltimore, where their brilliant son attends college.