June 10, 2013

Apple Announcement Roundup

Welcome to the Apple Announcement Roundup! In anticipation of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, which kicks off today in San Francisco, we’ve rounded up a timeline of some of Apple’s major announcements throughout the years.

While it’s been suggested that the 2013 conference won’t introduce any new products—extending Apple’s six-month lull in new product announcements #womp—rumors have been circulating about new hardware, software, and services that may be announced this week.  If you’re not a Registered Apple Developer don’t fret—you can tune into the events of the week through the free WWDC app released by Apple last Monday.  The app allows you to view the schedule, videos, maps, and related news.

01/09/2001 Apple introduces iTunes – “World’s Best and Easiest to Use Jukebox Software” Does anyone use the word “Jukebox” anymore?

10/23/2001 Apple presents iPod as the “ultra-portable MP3 music player” that “puts 1,000 songs in your pocket.”  iPod was the beginning of the end for MP3 and portable CD players.  And the newest iPod can hold 14,000+ songs.

firstgeneration ipod resized 600

Buttons on buttons on buttons. Image Source

01/11/2005 Apple introduces iPod shuffle allowing users to experience their music in a million different ways.

02/23/2005 Apple unveils iPod mini, making iPods more affordable and cuter.

04/12/2005 Apple announces Mac OS X “Tiger” with features like Spotlight and Dashboard, which Steve Jobs said would “change the way people use their computers, and drive our competitors nuts trying to copy them.”

09/07/2005 Apple introduces iPod nano because iPod mini needed a sibling.

01/10/2006 Apple introduces MacBook Pro and gives it a whole MacBook family in later in 2008

01/09/2007 Apple reinvents the phone with iPhone.  We’re quickly approaching first-generation iPhone’s 6th birthday on June 29th at 6:00pm, when the first iPhone went on sale in Apple stores, ever.  Happy birthday iPhone—you’re old.  Remember your first iPhone?

macworld07 9 550x367 resized 600

Remember this clunker? Image Source

09/05/2007 Apple Unveils iPod touch

10/16/2007 Apple announces Mac OS X Server Leopard

01/18/2008 Apple introduces MacBook Air – “The World’s Thinnest Notebook”

06/09/2008 Apple introduces iPhone 3G

06/08/2009 Apple announces iPhone 3GS – “The Fastest, Most Powerful iPhone Yet,” FaceTime, and unveils Mac OS X Snow Leopard

01/27/2010 Apple launches iPad

06/15/2010 Apple presents iPhone 4

11/16/2010 The Beatles—now on iTunes

hero 220101116 resized 600

The day iTunes became legit. Image Source

03/02/2011 Apple launches iPad 2

06/06/2011 Apple introduces iCloud, new version of iOS with notification center, iMessage, Newsstand, and Twitter integration, and Mac OS X Lion

06/21/2011 Apple revolutionizes video editing with Final Cut Pro X

07/20/2011 Apple releases Mac OS X Lion, updates MacBook air with next generation processors, Thunderbolt I/O and backlit keyboard, introduces world’s first Thunderbolt display, and updates Mac mini

08/24/2011 Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple

10/04/2011 Apple launches iPhone 4S, iOS 5, and iCloud

10/05/2011 RIP Steve Jobs

steve jobs rip by snok daffy d4byi2f resized 600

iMiss you Steve. Image Source

01/19/2012 Apple reinvents textbooks with iBooks 2 for iPad and unveils all-new iTunes U app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

3/07/2012    Apple launches new iPad, completes iLife for iOS, brings 1080p HD to new Apple TV

6/11/2012    2012 WWDC – Apple introduces the “Next Generation MacBook Pro” with a slimmer and lighter body design that rendered the optical drive “so 2011,” updates the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro processors and new graphics, announces Mountain Lion will be available in July, and previews iOS 6 with new maps, new Siri features, FB integration, shared photo streams, and the new passbook app.

7/25/2012   OS X Mountain Lion becomes publicly available

OS X Mountain Lion Clean Wallpapers resized 600

So majestic. Image Source

9/12/2012   Apple introduces iPhone 5

9/19/2012   Apple releases iOS 6 to the public with over 200 new features but most importantly crappy maps

10/23/2012 Apple introduces iPad mini, the 13-inch MacBook Pro with retina display, and all-new iMac features

11/27/2012 Apple announces the November 30th availability of the new iMac

01/28/2013  Apple updates iOS to 6.1

06/10/2013 Apple introduces iPhone 6 with a version of Siri that works, Google Maps built-in, and a free kitten upon purchase.  Just kidding.

Dayna Uyeda is an intern at Renegade and recent graduate of Duke University. Find her on LinkedIn