B2B Market Research Studies

Renegade is particularly skilled at helping marketers like Human Security, Appian, Conversica, MCE, Riskified and Workforce Software conduct newsworthy research studies around which they can build inbound and outbound campaigns.

Why Conduct Your Own Research?

A research study can be an effective way for you to highlight a new or developing issue or trend related to your brand purpose. It can introduce new industry perspectives and concerns to your audience and position your company as a thought leader. Better yet, it can become a valuable property unique to your brand, by generating discussion and widespread press coverage.”

Research: Turnkey or A La Carte

Renegade can manage all aspects of a particular study or offer these services a la carte:

  • Topic Identification: Help you define the problem that you hope to identify via the research and validate its newsworthiness. Our studies get press by design.
  • Questionnaire: We draft the questionnaire to ensure the questions are methodologically valid and aligned with the overall goals of the study.
  • Fielding: We manage all aspects of fielding the study, either directly or through a third party. If directly, we will help you build a list, manage incentives, run ads if needed and gather results. For global studies, we have a range of partners.
  • Analysis: We examine the raw data, run cross tabs and develop hypotheses on what the research reveals in a topline report.
  • Writing: We write the entire report in your brand voice and to suit the agreed upon length. We craft blog and social media posts that generate interest in the report.
  • Design: We design the entire report and any associated extensions (infographics, social media) in your brand style.
  • Marketing: We recommend how to get the most out of the study which can include creating sales decks, webinars, videos and more.
  • Press coverage: We partner with your PR firm (or recommend one) to gain maximum coverage in targeted publications.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients say:

Renegade made the entire research process super easy and the results were truly outstanding.

Dan Lowden
Chief Marketing Officer
Human Security

Renegade came up with the idea for the research and added value at every step, particularly with data analysis and story development.

Jed Alpert
Chief Marketing Officer

This was a terrific collaboration from the idea for the research to fielding the global study to writing and designing the report. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Ewan Speirs
VP Marketing
Workforce Software

The Friction study that Renegade conceived and executed for us in successive years generated tremendous press coverage and inbound leads.

Connie O’Brien
Chief Marketing Officer
Tungsten Network

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