B2B Marketing Services

If you’re a savvy B2B marketer, there is a really good chance Renegade can be of service, either directly or indirectly.

Renegade’s primary services include B2B brand-related consulting, PR-generating market research studies, content development, and social media management. And if by chance we don’t have the exact service you’re in need of right now, then most likely we have fully vetted partners lined up to help you.

And then’s there’s CMO Huddles, an exclusive community for B2B CMOs that Renegade founded in 2020. With over 75 subscribers, CMO Huddles is the fastest-growing, most engaged executive marketer community on the planet.

Renegade’s B2B Marketing Services

Accelerate growth and reach people where they are, when it matters with our digital marketing services:

Brand Strategy Consulting

Applying our 12 step process for building unbeatable B2B brands outlined here and detailed in Drew Neisser’s latest book, Renegade will help you think through your brand strategy, find your purpose-driven story statement, develop a Plan on a Page of strategic marketing activities and identify the metrics that matter.

Market Research Studies

Anyone can create a survey. It takes professionals to craft a study that generates news that will actually drive your business forward. In the last few years, Renegade has created press-generating, business-driving research for Human Security, Workforce Software, Riskified, Appian, Conversica and Tungsten Network among others.

Content Strategy / Execution

Our holistic approach to content strategy aims to start a conversation, keep it going, and build a large community of customer champions who look to you for thought leadership and expertise. Renegade can supplement your in-house team, researching, writing, and designing content that cuts through and help you get discovered on the web (ask about our Operation Keyword programs).

Social Media Strategy / Execution

Renegade offers a full range of social media services including strategy and content development, community management, listening, reporting, social selling training, and buying paid social media.

CMO Huddles

Founded in 2020, CMO Huddles is the only membership organization designed around the unique needs of B2B CMOs. Membership benefits include moderated monthly “huddles” with 10-15 peers, arranged 1:1s, semi-annual Super Huddles, “concierge” service via Slack, weekly huddles recaps, and exclusive PR opportunitiies.

Renegade B2B Marketing

Case Paper

A rebrand that launched a series of powerful marketing campaigns, award-winning swag, and a totally new level of engagement.

Case Makes

Post-acquisition, this laminates and coatings company needed to do the work to live up to its parent company’s distinctive brand.


In the first 6 months of executing our content strategy, this e-commerce company saw a dramatic increase in site traffic, video views, engagement, and lead flow.

Cofense case study


This cybersecurity brand needed to rally around a common cause that was greater than FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt).

Renegade’s B2B Marketing Partners

No one firm can do everything well, which is why we have a trusted network of agency partners that can execute a complete, holistic marketing strategy. Here are their specialties:

  • Conversion Tracking
  • Mobile Marketing
  • SEO / SEM specialists
  • Marketing Automation
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
  • Programmatic Media Buying
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • PR for B2B brands

View our top 100 partners.

B2B Renegade Content Strategy

What is B2B Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to any and all marketing activities done online or through an electronic device. Think about all the avenues of promoting a brand and its products/services digitally. There are search engines, websites, social channels, email, mobile apps, SMS, and the list goes on (scroll down for a more complete list of digital marketing services).

A strong, well-informed digital marketing strategy is extremely valuable to B2B organizations, especially as the world’s digital transformation continues to accelerate. Compared to more traditional marketing methods, digital marketing allows brands to reach a larger audience of prospective buyers. It’s also extremely measurable—digital data allows marketers to make marketing decisions based on a complete digital x-ray of the business.

How Can a B2B Marketing Firm Help My Business?

With so many channels and so much data out there, digital marketing needs to be done with care. B2B selling is complicated. With longer sales cycles and larger buying committees, B2B brands don’t want to just add to the noise, they want to tell a unique story that cuts through. They want to build a community to rally around their brand.

B2B digital marketing done right builds trust, which manifests in inter-company alignment, a fuller pipeline, and more revenue. That’s where the B2B digital marketing agency partner comes in. With a fresh perspective and deep industry experience, the best B2B agencies can help internal marketing teams find strategic and creative marketing solutions that inspire employees, customers, and prospects to greatness.

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