B2B Content Development

So, you’ve got your content strategy nailed down – either on your own – or as a result of our Renegade Thinking. But you still need some help executing your content plan. Well, we’ve got you covered with our B2B Content Development and Implementation service.

Renegade B2B Content Development
Renegade Story Hub

We’ll help you build out your repository of content that collectively tells your brand story.

We call this the “Story Hub.” Whether it’s blog posts, videos, podcasts, whitepapers, gated (or ungated) premium content, we’ll make sure that it all cuts through and gets to your target audience. We’ll design it (and show you how to maintain your Story Hub so that every piece of content adds a layer to your brand story.

Most importantly, we’ll make sure that all of your story-rich content fits seamlessly into your existing inbound/outbound demand generation, ABM and social selling programs.

(Don’t have any of those? Don’t worry – we can help you build them!)