B2B Strategy & Consulting

Hey, we get it. You’re a busy CMO. And maybe all that’s keeping your marketing from cutting through are some fresh ideas and frank feedback from peers outside your firewall.

Renegade B2B Content Strategy

We are those peers. And the fresh ideas, well, that’s what we call “Renegade Thinking” – and it’s comprised of the following components:

Renegade B2B Content Audit

1. Content Audit

Yes, audit is kind of an ugly word. But here’s the thing – nobody INSIDE your organization ever does an audit – they do a review. In other words, they only look for what’s good – and tend to downplay what’s not that great.

Renegades, on the other hand, “call ‘em as we sees ‘em.” The result is glowing praise and support for the content that’s cutting through, and actionable recommendations for content that might just need a major makeover before assuming its place on your prime-time roster.

Renegade Brand Story Finder

2. Brand Story Finder

Groucho Marx said, “If you’ve heard this story before, don’t stop me, because I’d like to hear it again.” Unfortunately, many story-obsessed brands seem to agree that telling the same story over and over, with the names changed, will result in a good ending.

In fact, if a brand seems to repeat the same story, audiences may tune out, because while consistency is important, monotony is a constant threat. What brands need is a brand story—an engine that generates new stories, without relying on old formulas.

The late comedian also asked the brand-relevant question, “Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?” A brand’s audience is always already telling themselves a story about the brand, based not only on the stories the brand tells, but on all the details of its delivery—from how the brand holds a cigar to the raising of its eyebrows.

Consequently, we’ll analyze not just your brand’s content—what it says—but also what it does, and what your audience is saying and doing, to see how your story connects with theirs. The goal? A brand Story (with a capital “S”) that drives whole new chapters in the stories your audience is telling.

Renegade Plan on a Page

3. Plan on a Page

This is where the rubber really meets the road. We give you ALL of our recommended strategies, tactics, and goals for your content marketing plan, on one single page. No 50-slide PowerPoint presentations or voluminous paper-based documents that you have to wheel into your boss’s office in its own little red wagon. One plan. One page. One hero – you!