B2B Brand Strategy

Think of it this way—even the finest saw can’t sharpen itself. Sometimes you need outside counsel to help you sort things out, to listen with fresh ears, to look with practiced eyes and ultimately, to find a cohesive path for cutting through.

Spotting a Renegade Thinker

It’s All About You.

You’re a stellar B2B marketer. Things are going well, you’re hitting your KPIs, your outfit looks great—but you have this nagging feeling that something’s amiss. Sort of that “did I leave the stove on?” feeling. Perhaps your employees could be more inspired? Maybe your customers could be bigger advocates? And, surely your lead pipeline could be fuller and your close-rate faster. That’s where we come in.

Working Togther on Your Story

Working Together on Your Brand Story

Our approach is deceptively simple. We start by interviewing a wide range of employees, customers and, ideally, future customers. These interviews serve the dual purpose of discovery and involvement (plus, it’s always nice to meet new people). We’ll simultaneously examine your competitors, your category and even related industries. Then, we apply the wisdom we’ve gleaned from interviewing over 350 CMOs; insights that will help us craft what we call your purpose-driven story statement (think tagline on steroids).

Another Word for Story

What’s a Purpose-Driven Story Statement, You Ask?

The word “story” is overused in marketing, although we can see why. You don’t often find kids asking for a “bedtime diegesis” or sitting around a campfire listening to a scary “fictional account of past events.” Our approach to “story” is all about solving the deep mysteries inside your business, like “What purpose drives your business?” and “Why does it matter to your customers?” Who knows, we might even get around to figuring out who left that tuna sandwich in the office fridge. In 8 weeks, we find the inspiring answers and condense them into a single statement of purpose, accompanied by a complete roadmap for expressing it in actions.

One Story One Plan One Page

1 Story, 1 Plan, 1 Page, 1 Hero

This is where the rubber really meets the road. We give you ALL of our recommended goals, strategies and tactics for your marketing plan, on one single page. No 100 MB PowerPoint presentations or 500-page binders that you have to wheel into your boss’ office in their own little red wagon. One plan. One page. One hero: Batman. Just kidding, the hero is you. Unless you’re Batman, then the hero is Batman. We digress.

Not Done with You Yet

We’re Not Quite Done With You Yet

After presenting your Plan on a Page, we’ll then provide a detailed timetable for the rollout as well as our recommendations for budget allocation. And to wrap things up with a neat little bow, we’ll also write and design a signature component of the internal launch campaign. This will make more sense when we work together, but for now, just imagine how you’ll feel when your employees are suddenly inspired by your new campaign. From here, it’s on to execution—(click for our creative capabilities).