B2B Demand Generation

In a crisis, it’s easy to lose your way
(not to mention your revenue).

There’s only one story now.

Forgive us for being blunt, but it’s unlikely anyone wants to hear about your cutting-edge solutions or award-winning customer service. It’s not that your offerings aren’t outstanding; it’s just that the world has other things on its mind. Which is understandable but also tragic, given the dire forecast for so many businesses. So, what’s a struggling company to do?

Find your purpose in the problem.

Is your business “essential”  (involved in fighting the pandemic or helping us survive it), or “non-essential”? (quick—what do ad agencies and hairdressers have in common?) Regardless of which box you fall into, we’d like to help you—and your audience—rethink those categories. That means reconnecting to your brand purpose and discovering how it relates to the current crisis, so it can drive meaningful—and essential—action.

Demand gen that demands more, and delivers more.

With all eyes focused on the singular challenge of the moment, businesses won’t attract much attention if they’re out of action. Unfortunately, many of them don’t know what to do. To help them find their way, we rethink demand in terms of collective common purpose. With everyone fighting the same battle, brands that can be of service will be brands in demand. What they do in this time of need will define not only who they are, but why they matter to their audiences.

Introducing purpose-driven demand gen.

Answering the call of businesses at risk, our Purpose-Driven Demand Gen combines the broad approach of our B2B Brand Strategy solution with a narrower focus on prospects. We deliver a purpose-driven campaign that jumpstarts demand and grows new audiences. Of course, we fully expect that with your new brand purpose in hand, you may “demand” to apply it, not just to more of your marketing, but to employees and current customers as well. In the spirit of helping you cut through, we’re also pleased to present our latest report: 6 Ways to Drive Demand Generation in a Downturn.