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Navigating the B2B Marketing Landscape in 2023: Insights from Top Influencers

November 29, 2023
2023 was a tumultuous year for B2B marketers, with significant financial obstacles leading to budget cuts more severe for B2B companies compared to B2C firms. This economic climate prompted a cautious approach among business buying committees, leading them to be hesitant about engaging with new vendors.  In response, B2B marketers displayed resilience by creatively adapting to limited resources, focusing on...

7 Ways To Redefine Your B2B Manufacturing Marketing Strategy In 2023

November 7, 2023
Written By Daniel Martin, chief editor at Altitude Marketing. Gone are the days of manufacturing industries employing offline tactics such as word-of-mouth, referrals, trade shows, and sales calls. To stay relevant, it’s absolutely essential that manufacturers craft marketing strategies that cater to their audience. Millennials, the new bosses, are the key decision-makers now. Those born between 1997-2012 find it easier...

Renegade Marketing Review by Petra Bajdek

October 23, 2023
Renegade Marketing: A Practical Guide to B2B Marketing Written by Petra Bajdek, Student at Bentley University | August 2023 In the book, Renegade Marketing: 12 Steps to Building Unbeatable B2B Brands, marketing influencer and founder of CMO Huddles, Drew Neisser, explores the keys to successful business-to-business (B2B) marketing through a series of anecdotes shared by leading Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs)....

The AI Content Challenge: Humans Still Reign Supreme (For Now)

October 4, 2023
A recent study by CMO Huddles, Marketing Insider Group, and, put generative AI tools like ChatGPT to the test against human writers. The goal was to see how machine-generated content compared to human-authored and collaborative human/AI hybrid content. The study compared 60 blog posts: 20 written by humans, 20 generated by AI (ChatGPT), and 20 AI-written but refined by...

AI Marketing: How to Achieve Authentic Thought Leadership in Your Generative AI Content

September 25, 2023
Written By Nicole Leffer, CMO AI Advisor, with the assistance of ChatGPT Plus. While AI tools promise to revolutionize marketing efficiency and quality, they are often met with skepticism or outright refusal. I often encounter a sentiment that sounds like this: “Generative AI models like ChatGPT can’t capture human nuance or drive thought leadership.” But let’s shift the perspective—it’s not...

The Top B2B Marketing Events on Our Radar

August 31, 2023
As digital channels continue to shape the way we connect, engage, and promote, there’s an undeniable craving for human connection that transcends the virtual realm. This is where marketing events shine, offering a unique and invaluable opportunity to bridge the gap between virtual interactions and real-world relationships. In this listicle, you’ll find a carefully curated selection of upcoming B2B marketing...

Marketing team discussing the pros and cons of in-house vs. outsourcing marketing activities.
In-House vs. Outsourcing in Marketing: Pros and Cons

August 3, 2023
In-house vs. outsourcing your marketing efforts—which is better for your business? It’s a question many companies are asking as the standards for effective digital marketing get more intense and strategies are executed on a larger scale. Both approaches have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and the right one for you depends on a number of factors: budget, current...

a woman on her phone, with images of social media activity surrounding her
Brand Monitoring on Social Media: The Complete Guide

August 3, 2023
In the rapidly evolving landscape of social media, businesses find themselves amidst a vast digital ocean teeming with opportunities and challenges. Social media platforms have revolutionized how brands interact with their audiences, allowing for real-time communication, global reach, and unprecedented levels of engagement.  However, with this immense potential comes a myriad of risks, such as negative feedback going viral, brand...