5 Best B2B Marketing Agencies in Detroit and Chicago

[This post was updated in December 2021]

As we continue spotlighting B2B marketing agencies around the US, it’s time to visit two Midwestern hubs—The Motor City and The Windy one. Much like with our other lists of top B2B agencies in NYC, San Francisco, and Boston, these marketing firms have been vetted by the CMOs of CMO Huddles for demonstrable success in the world of B2B marketing.

So, without further ado, here are 5 great B2B marketing firms between Detroit and Chicago.

Bonus: Renegade LLC

Now that Renegade operates fully, 100% remotely, we figured we could squeeze ourselves onto this list. Serving clients across the U.S., Renegade’s range of services includes B2B brand-related consulting, PR-generating market research studies, as well as content development and social media management. On top of that, we have a healthy network of partners who do what we can’t, and a thriving community of B2B CMOs who are more than happy to offer recommendations.

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#1 Gyro Creative Group

A boutique, artist-led studio in Detroit, Gyro Creative Group excels in creative brand identity development and design. Gyro’s small, dedicated team aims to define brands in human terms, through universal storytelling principles and collaborative, team-driven workshops that capture the past, present, and future of a brand. In a Renegade Thinkers Unite interview, CMO Amy Messano of Altair shared that Gyro played an integral role in Altair’s brand transformation, honoring the company’s history while vaulting it into the future through carefully considered strategy and design work.

#2 thunder::tech

With offices in Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland, thunder::tech is a full-service marketing agency for middle-market and enterprise brands. Taking an integrated approach, thunder::tech’s services span from advertising to web design, branding to social media, SEO to UX. The firm helped its B2B client Deist Industries revamp its digital marketing strategy, auditing its PPC campaigns and evolving its digital advertising strategy to increase both lead generation and brand awareness.

#3 BLASTmedia

Make a pitstop in Fishers, Indiana, to find BLASTmedia, a national agency dedicated to SaaS PR with a wide range of well-known clients like Moz, 6sense, Litmus, and Ceros. It represents companies ranging from startup to publicly traded, with an expert understanding of how PR strategy can help SaaS firms succeed. BLASTmedia efforts helped increase landing page views to Moz’s “State of Local SEO” report by 129%, for example, and also increased Boardable’s inbound free trials by 43%.

#4 McGuffin Creative Group

McGuffin Creative Group is a full-service marketing and advertising agency in Chicago, Illinois helping both B2B and B2C clients with branding, digital marketing, print campaigns, and event design. McGuffin developed a fully integrated marketing campaign for Bank of the West to serve the lending and banking needs of small business, ultimately driving new business and revenue for the bank through social, video, display advertising, and landing pages.

#5 Care Content, Inc.

Care Content, Inc., a minority-owned firm in Chicago, delivers digital marketing experiences for a variety of healthcare clients. It serves hospitals, medical associations, payer organizations, and healthcare support service providers to strategize, execute, and optimize creative content campaigns, with the numbers to prove it. At Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha, for example, Care Content redesigned the site to match the company’s ambitious growth goals, growing organic traffic from search by 40.25% (and lowering call center volume by 50%, saving on significant costs).

As one of NYC’s savviest B2B agencies, Renegade can help grow your business. Reach out to our CEO, Drew Neisser, for a free consultation.


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