How to Replenish Your Creative Mojo: Take a Holiday!

Marketers. We’re creative types, right? In fact, what can you tell marketers about being creative that they don’t already know? Well, here’s one:

Take a holiday, already!

We’ve all read the stats, so I won’t bore you with them. Suffice it to say we’re all taking less vacation time than we used to. We chalk it up to being busy, taking one for the team, or a myriad of other seemingly logical reasons.

And although creativity demands a certain level of logic, it also requires downtime to recharge your batteries and regain your inspiration. Can you think of the last time you literally got away from it all—even if only for a while?

In June I traveled to Alaska. As you can probably imagine, the sights were breathtaking. And as I experienced the vastness of this place, I was struck by the the realization of how important downtime can be to sharpening a creative mind.

Obvious, right? Well, when the next statutory holiday comes around, go out, let loose, and have some fun. You might surprise yourself at how creative you’ll feel after doing nothing even remotely creative!


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