Social News Roundup | April 10, 2015

1) Social media ad spending has hit its saturation point

Photos courtesy of MediaPost

Global ad spending on social networks drops from 41% to an expected 29% Read more…


2) You should be leveraging the power of brand authenticity.


Photo courtesy of Adweek

91% of consumers want the brands they follow to be authentic in their posts. Find more stats here…


3) Women tout an estimated $5 trillion buying power.


Photo courtesy of Adweek

69% say browsing the internet gives idea for new brands and products to try.  Read more…


4) Have you been ignoring Pinterest?


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Its $11 billion valuation and 70 million users might convince you otherwise. Read about it here…


5) All aboard! Spotify, Mountain Dew, and GE hop on the Periscope hype train.

Photo courtesy of Periscope

Learn why big companies are using the platform and how you can too here…

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