Social News Roundup | January 16, 2015

1) Facebook at Work prepping for its release

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

A few select pilot partners are now able to test the Facebook at Work application, which will have similar elements as Facebook. Users’ personal Facebook accounts and Facebook at Work accounts will be kept separate. Read more…


2) Additions to LinkedIn

Photo Courtesy of Paul Sakuma, Associated Press

LinkedIn has limited release of “InMail” for companies, and is exploring intra-office content sharing. Read more…


3) Big Moments in 2015 determined by Twitter

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Can your brand capitalize on some of these moments? Find out here.


4) The correlation between Twitter and movie ticket sales

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

A new study finds that 3 in 5 UK users said Twitter influenced their decision to go see a movie. Read more…


5) High number of unanswered Facebook page questions

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Study finds that questions posted to Facebook pages are only answered 42.4% of the time. Read more…


6) Twitter buy button focuses on small items, so far…

Twitter Marketing Manager, Ori Carmel, states that he doesn’t “see a whole lot of people fully converting on bigger purchase items that involve a more complex decision process. That will take a little bit more time. And of course, Apple Pay is going to accelerate all that.” Read more…


7) Well this is awkward, Blackberry…

Photo Courtesy of Luke Leonard, Mashable.

A tweet, which has since been deleted, was sent out from the official Blackberry Twitter account with a ‘Twitter for iPhone’ notification along the button. Yikes. Read more..

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