CMO Coaching: Wield the Wisdom of 450+ CMOs

This is the most challenging time in history to be a CMO. 49% of CMOs wanted to quit in 2020 and many did just that in 2021. Those that didn’t, sought help in one form or another. 100 joined CMO Huddles, an elite community of CMOs, Drew Neisser founded in 2020. Six hired Drew as their coach (in 2021) enabling them to tap into the wisdom of the more than 450 CMOs he has interviewed. Recognized by Inc as “one of the smartest minds in marketing” and by Jay Baer as “one of the strongest B2B marketing thinkers in the world,” these CMOs now have a secret weapon that they can tap into in 10-hour increments.  What’s your secret weapon?  To see if Drew is the right coach for you, book a 30-minute call with him:

When it comes to CMOs, Drew Neisser is a singular expert. He has interviewed over 450 senior marketers in the last ten years for his podcast, live streaming show and AdAge column. 64 of these folks appeared in his first book, The CMO’s Periodic Table: A Renegade’s Guide to Marketing and 3 dozen more in his second book, Renegade Marketing: 12 Steps to Building Unbeatable B2B Brands. He has also worked closely with numerous CMOs in his capacity as CEO of Renegade, helping them to develop some of the signature programs of their careers. He is also the founder of CMO Huddles, the first community exclusively built for B2B CMOs. Since the founding of CMO Huddles in 2020, Drew has moderated over 100 huddles on just about every challenge facing modern marketers.

On a highly selective basis, Drew Neisser provides one-on-one coaching for CMOs and aspiring CMOs. Tailored to your specific needs, Drew will help you assess your current situation, establish clear objectives and guide you towards the realization of a personal brand that is good for you and your company.

Here are a few of the critical junctures Drew can help you through:

  • Rebranding: This is a perilous moment for any CMO and well worth having a seasoned advisor in your corner to help you avoid landmines and work through issues.
  • The First 90 Days: Successful CMOs always have a 90-day plan, which includes assessment, acculturation, and action.
  • Internal Issues: Some CMOs face lots of internal issues that can prevent success. Drew will help you work through these issues with time-tested approaches.
  • New CMOs: It’s hard to say “no” when you’re in a role for the first time. There are also landmines everywhere you turn. This is a must-have moment for having a coach in your corner.

To explore a private Coaching engagement, please contact Drew.