March 22, 2013

Facebook Builds Brand Engagement Your Posts!

A new feature you may have seen on Facebook caught our eye this week. A friend posts an article on Facebook and you comment, then… BAM! “Like Page” pops up. Good news for brands!

Post without comment

The image above shows a post that appeared in my newsfeed linking to a article.

Post with comment

As soon a I commented on this post, the “Like Page” pop-up appears below the article preview.  The same thing happens when I Like posts.

This is different from the Page post ads that brands can buy to appear on timelines, which have been the target of some controversyafter disappearing in November 2012. Unlike these ads, the Like Button appears on users posts that they have opted to share themselves.

So far Renegade has only seen this on posts of articles by publications that have Facebook Pages. It’s a seamless integration of the like button for anyone who engages with the post, friend or not. However, given the coming changes with the News Feed, it’s likely this feature will be integrated into all shared page posts and website links (as long as the website has a FB page). In this way it would work much like Google Authorship and search results. It’s the perfect way to keep page engagement rising, so make sure you’re creating content that people will share.