Armen Najarian
June 21, 2019

How Agari Makes a Bold Mission Real

Guest: Armen Najarian - Chief Marketing Officer, Agari

What do you need to make a big splash? A big ship, one would assume, is a terrific place to start. So that’s exactly what Agari used to launch their new brand, the purpose of which is written loudly and proudly on the walls of their headquarters: “Agari protects digital communications to ensure humanity prevails over evil.” That’s a pretty bold way of explaining that your company is an advanced cybersecurity firm for email. But a bold mission statement is exactly what companies need to grow. At Agari, this statement is deeply woven into the community fabric, from the board members down to rank-and-file employees.

On this episode of Renegade Thinkers Unite, Armen Najarian, CMO, discusses how they made the mission real, and how having that meaningful guidance of saving and protecting the world of digital communications, helped drive brand, product development, company growth, and more.

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Quotes from Armen Najarian

I want to align with a company where I believe in what mission that company is on. And I would say that many, if not hopefully all the employees that we've attracted here to Agari, believe that. They want to be part of something bigger.
If we don't also invest in some of these less quantitativ,e but certainly just as important, halo activities: messaging, the creative, the impressions— it's going to be harder in the long run to support and sustain increasing levels of pipeline.


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