Erik Huberman
June 28, 2019

How to Artfully Navigate Modern B2B Media

Guest: Erik Huberman - Founder & CEO, Hawke Media

Email is still innovative…right? One might argue that email marketing has become the Facebook of marketing strategies— It was cool at first, it hasn’t declined yet, but everyone and their grandmother is now on it. So what are the trendy marketing kids using now? Erik Huberman, CEO & Founder of Hawke Media, gives us the answer: SMS. As it turns out, customers only engage with marketing emails about 3% of the time, while the average click-through rate for SMS marketing tallies up to 30%. That’s a number to write home about.

Erik knows that these statistics are too important to ignore and knows that they’re indicative of a larger shift in B2B. Acknowledging that shift, and moving with it, has helped Erik’s young company grow from 7 to 160 employees in just about 5 years. On this week’s episode of Renegade Thinkers Unite, Drew chats with Erik about the shift in traditional advertising towards more efficient digital strategies, and how B2B marketers can navigate it artfully. Learn about how this shift isn’t for everyone, the importance of product demand, what an outsourced CMO does, and more.

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Quotes from Erik Huberman

A marketing campaign takes three pieces: awareness, nurturing, and trust.
People are still in the real world. They're not all sitting by the computer all day waiting for you to reach out to them. Don't get me wrong, digital has an opportunity to be more targeted, and can do certain things, but it doesn't make sense that everything should go there.


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