Noah Brier
August 6, 2019

Percolate Founder’s Best Practices for Content Marketing

Guest: Noah Brier - Co-Founder, Percolate

In last week’s episode, we traced the career of Noah Brier from a copywriter who didn’t know what copy was, all the way to co-founder of an immensely successful content marketing platform that’s, to date, received north of $100M in funding.

On the second part of the interview, Drew and Noah take a closer look at brand positioning and content marketing. Noah shares his thoughts on where brands are going too exclusive, and how orchestration is a thorn in content’s side. He also dives into the key storytelling alongside the customer journey, and in one ten-minute stretch, shares a veritable boatload of illuminating advice on how to improve your content. Listen in!

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Quotes from Noah Brier

I find a big issue in B2B marketing is a disconnect between the brand marketing and the product marketing.
We need to tell bigger story, and we need to be able to communicate customer first.


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