Ryan Urban
July 5, 2019

Here’s How B2B Brands Can Improve Their Websites

Guest: Ryan Urban - CEO & Co-Founder, BounceX

What does a B2B brand’s website have in common with a SuperBall? A significant bounce rate! Okay, maybe not the funniest joke, but it does transition well into discussing a pretty real issue with many B2B brands: they’re boring! There are plenty exceptions, of course, but far too often, B2B brands end up being, as this week’s guest puts it, “B2Boring.”

Ryan Urban is the CEO & Founder of BounceX, a company that helps brands optimize their websites (and ditch the high bounce rates). In examining countless B2B brands, Urban has gotten a great sense of where these companies tend to go wrong, and so much of it ties to these brands being dull, playing it safe, and failing to show any personality. Their websites and content too often lack story, and end up being “coagulated, congealed buzzwords” that’ll just bounce prospects away like a trampoline. So, if you’re interested in hearing about how brands can be a little more exciting, what landing pages need to be successful, and more, tune in to this week’s Renegade Thinkers Unite.

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[On a bad site], there's no story, there's no life. It's a whole bunch of coagulated, congealed buzzwords. No personality or authenticity to it.
A lot of B2B sites think they're playing it safe, but they're actually playing it risky by not only being boring, but also having no life. Tell your brand story. What do you stand for?


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