Leela Srinivasan
March 6, 2019

B2B Marketing and the Art of the Survey

Guest: Leela Srinivasan - Chief Marketing Officer, SurveyMonkey

Surveys can provide a wealth of data on any sort of topic. But there is an art to crafting the perfect survey, one that invites honest and valuable feedback without steering the respondents, and doesn’t damage the responses by overwhelming the survey takers.

Leela Srinivasan, CMO of SurveyMonkey, took some time after recording her recent RTU episode to discuss survey creation with Drew. Well-constructed surveys are crucial for informing creative, effective marketing efforts. To learn more about artfully crafting questions, audience selection, getting people to take your survey, making sense of the information, and more, check out this brief, bonus episode!

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In order to deliver those mind blowing experiences, they needed to be listening to their customers throughout the customer journey, gathering feedback through surveys, and making sure that the feedback was part of their central nervous.


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