Rebecca Stone
May 17, 2019

How to Develop a Lean, Mean Lead-Gen Machine

Guest: Rebecca Stone - Vice President, Marketing, LiveRamp

About 5 years ago, Rebecca Stone joined LiveRamp and the CEO said “I want you to be as sophisticated as possible in advertising, and how you use it.” At the time, the company had two sales development reps, a funnel that wasn’t necessarily feeding leads properly, and a young tech stack and tons of potential, so Rebecca got to work on the company’s digital transformation.

Now, the company has a tech stack built from roughly 40 different tools, broken into different operating nodes, a marketing team that supports 20 sales development reps, an in-house data lake, and data analytics models that can accurately predict how marketing spend will translate to revenue—a sort of holy grail for marketing analytics.

On this episode, Rebecca shares her journey at LiveRamp, a platform that helps brands get personalized ads in front of users across the web, and how she helped build the well-oiled marketing machine that her department has become.

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Quotes from Rebecca Stone

Our general story right now is about making data accessible and meaningful.
We probably have 30 or 40 tools in our tech stack. And it's segmented. We have a digital tech stack, we have a measurement tech stack—we have three or four nodes, I would say.


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