Jon Miller
June 21, 2018

Why B2B Brands Need an Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Guest: Jon Miller - CEO and Co-founder, Engagio

Finding the best ways to market in the noisy B2B world has always been a challenge, but Jon Miller, founder, and CEO of Engagio has found success with an account-based marketing strategy for his company. On this episode of Renegade Thinkers Unite, he explains what account-based marketing is and why it can change the way you approach prospective clients. He shares practical ways you can authentically relate to company CEOs and why account-based marketing strategies are a business process, not a tech stack tool.

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What You’ll Learn

Why choose an account-based marketing strategy?

Jon describes account-based marketing (ABM) as fishing with a spear vs. fishing with a widely cast net. It’s about identifying which accounts are most likely to work with your company, then putting more energy and resources into securing those accounts. B2B marketing environments are noisy and competitive, and ABM strategies allow you to stand out from the masses and attract the best clients with the highest ROI opportunities.

People seek authentic connection – that’s why they respond to the human touch in ABM

True account-based marketing strategies are multidimensional and go deeper than superficial attraction. CEOs are open to ABM strategies because they’re human and they want to work with people who truly understand them. Jon and his team at Engagio have a 26% meeting rate and a 60% human reply rate, simply because they’re not afraid to personally reach out to every prospect.

Practical ways to implement an account-based marketing strategy into your B2B company

An account-based marketing strategy can be implemented within your company in 3 steps: identify a CEO/company target, assign a team member to interact with them, and personalize your tactics for that specific target. Using face-to-face meetings as much as possible, targeted direct mailings and engaging emails are all useful when starting an ABM approach.


  • [1:14] Jon’s Renegade Rapid Fire segment
  • [10:39] What is ABM and why should you consider this strategy?
  • [15:10] How Jon is using ABM in practical ways at Engagio
  • [21:45] People respond to the human touch in account-based marketing strategy
  • [27:32] ABM is a business process, not a tech stack tool
  • [29:26] Jon’s “two do’s and one don’t” for marketers interested in ABM

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Quotes from Jon Miller

There are really just three jobs for chief executives: set the vision of where the company is going, build the team to make sure you've got the right people, and ensure that the team has the resources they need to execute.
I was really excited for the opportunity to go back to a small company and really start innovating for marketers by marketers again.
ABM, to me, is fishing with spears. Finding the big fish and going after them proactively. Putting more resources and more energy into going after the right people, the right accounts.


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