Mandy Dhaliwal
March 6, 2020

178: Why Dell Boomi is Booming

Guest: Mandy Dhaliwal - CMO, Dell Boomi

According to a Gartner Report, Dell Boomi leads the way as an innovative strategic partner for its clients in the Enterprise iPaaS category, with over 8,000 customers and a churn rate below 3%. That’s the biggest compliment you can get, especially if you’re a company with a large service component. What role did marketing play in developing these relationships and garnering this reputation? Drew sits down on this week’s episode with Mandy Dhaliwal, Dell Boomi’s CMO and certified sommelier, to discuss how she kept Boomi’s marketing initiatives grounded in company strategy in order to modernize engagement across the board.

When she joined in 2018, Mandy hit the ground running: she developed a company purpose within a six-week period (during a holiday, no less!), presented the positioning at the annual sales kickoff, and oversaw a complete rebrand with a clearer customer focus than ever before. This week’s Renegade Thinkers Unite is packed with remarkable insights. Check it out! Additionally, for a closer look at building a company purpose like Dell Boomi’s, take a look at chapter 3 of our recent guide to effective B2B brand strategy.

What ways have you involved customers in telling the Boomi story?

Boomi World is our annual user conference. Last fall, we were in Washington, D.C. and over 85% of our breakouts had customers and partners presenting with us. They were sharing stories and quantification of how they accelerated their business using our platform. We’ve got a very strong user community, and actually just re-branded our user community: it’s called the Boomiverse. Because we have such a strong customer-first focus, we get 65,000 to 70,000 monthly interactions happening in that portion of the community on our site. We also do user groups, bringing folks together to talk about challenges on the platform. It’s all customer-led. They’re interfacing with each other and helping each other innovate on the platform. It’s exactly what you want in a community. Added to that umbrella of branding, with strong customer loyalty and customer satisfaction, is the training and certification program. This was community team led, but the marketing team helped amplify it, creating gamification around training and certification to make it fun for people as they promote the levels they’ve reached.

With all of the changes you’ve made since joining Boomi, how do you measure success?

From the 30,000-foot level, we positioned the company, launched the Boomiverse, and rebranded the business. Any good marketing program needs to be grounded in quantification, so CMOs need to start acting, if they aren’t already, like general managers. What are you driving in terms of value for the business? As of today, we have 36% of all of our direct customers as publicly referenceable, making sure that customer marketing is doing the job and globally sharing local stories. We’re number one in Share of Voice in comparison to all of our competitors. During the week of Boomi alone we were up 20 points because we also created a digital event around the main one. Today, marketing is driving north of 40% of the pipeline for the business. An industry average for customer reference ability is 15-20%. These were assets that were given to us, marketing didn’t create this, but we’ve been able to up-level and create a movement to drive more customers to share their stories with us.


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