Simon Schaffer-Goldman
October 11, 2019

157: From Shepherding to CMOing: How Simon Schaffer-Goldman Helps Case Paper Cut Through

Guest: Simon Schaffer-Goldman - CMO & VP of Business Development, Case Paper

Simon Schaffer-Goldman, of Case Paper, is really just your run-of-the-mill CMO. Well, except maybe for starting out as a shepherd in New Zealand. Also, maybe his portfolio of stunning photography and his penchant for comedy writing are somewhat uncommon. Oh, and the willingness to lead a bold rebrand with a new approach that strays pretty far from the typical tone of B2B paper companies. Hm. Okay, maybe Simon isn’t so run-of-the-mill after all. Though, run-of-the-mill could make for some pretty decent paper industry puns… We’ll file that one away for now.

On this week’s RTU, Simon and Drew discuss Case Paper’s recent update to their branding and marketing, including their new commitment to being “On the Case,” how introducing a purpose-driven branding campaign can improve the company culture and operations, agency partnerships (including with yours truly!), and Case’s history—and future—with absurdity, humor, and, generally, having a good time cutting through. Listen in for more!

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Quotes from Simon Schaffer-Goldman

We've been delighted by the fact that, in our space, everybody is doing the same thing. With that, it's easier to examine the areas where we could have fun, and do something a little different.
The biggest BS in the world is people saying "I know it already" or "I know it all." You're only an expert if your constantly learning.


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