Drew Neisser
March 20, 2020

180: Leadership in Crisis

Guest: Drew Neisser - Founder & CEO, Renegade

As our CEO & host Drew Neisser so aptly puts it, “this an unusual episode for an unusual time.” There has been a lot to think about in recent weeks, and with the current COVID-19 pandemic affecting nearly every facet of life, it’s tremendously important—now more than ever—for leaders to step forward, take action, and lead by example. That’s why, on this week’s episode, Drew reflects on how you can take care of the people in your orbit: yourself, your family, your employees, your customers, and the world at large.

His valuable insights incorporate the input of 7 CMOs who have shared their recent actions and thoughts concerning the current crisis, including Sarah Larsen (Brightcove), Jeff Perkins (ParkMobile), Paul Sparrow (Chief Outsiders), Janine Pelosi (Zoom), Mandy Dhaliwal (Dell Boomi), Sara Varni (Twilio), and Alicia Tillman (SAP). For more, take a look at Drew’s tips on our blog, here.

Quotes from Drew Neisser

How much content needs to be COVID related? Everybody has already created their COVID email. Renegade did it, and I got at least 30 over the weekend from various brands about what their COVID policy is, so what's after that? What can you do to help your customers and prospects through the challenges that are being created by this pandemic? Think about sharing a variety of resources and tools that your clients can take advantage of, that way you're educating and providing content that is in the moment.
I want to suggest that there’s an opportunity here for us to come together as people, as employees, as marketers, and as citizens of the world, and think about and share how we can be part of the solution moving forward. I'm not talking about the pandemic because we're already taking action there, but I'm talking about the recovery. I would welcome any ideas that you have that are corporate initiatives or shared initiatives where we marketers can step up and help, in the post-pandemic world, to bring us together and show how much we really care.


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