Lorraine Barber-Miller
August 9, 2019

147: Redefining ADP

Guest: Lorraine Barber-Miller - SVP & CMO, ADP

Lorraine Barber-Miller, CMO of ADP, has a tough mission: make ADP a category of one. That means helping push her legacy brand past its perception of just being a payroll solution. And, though it’s a tough goal, ADP’s marketing machine has been firing on all cylinders and getting it done.

Lorraine and her team have been hard at work implementing the company’s first-ever marketing plan. They’ve crafted a new brand purpose to help differentiate in a crowded field, made a new character the hero of their story, and have invested in massive outdoor, digital, and print campaigns to bring their reinvigorated brand to the world. Tune in to hear how they told a story that no one else could, and how they made it real.

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Quotes from Lorraine Barber-Miller

Tell a story that no one else can tell. Then, bring that to life every day for the clients.
Brand should become a lens through which you can view and make every decision in your company.


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