Facebook Page Admins, Rejoice! New Comment Sorting Option Makes Your Job Easier

Facebook Page admins now have a new, very welcome option for viewing comments on a Facebook post. The social networking platform recently rolled out a site-wide feature that allows users to sort comments by “Top Comments” or “Recent Activity”—in other words, by popularity/engagement or by chronological order, respectively. The previous interface displayed comments beneath a post in oldest-to-newest chronological order.

This new sorting option comes on the heels of another improvement to the comment interface. Taking a cue from message boards like Reddit, Facebook also recently began nesting replies beneath each related comment, threading together a line of conversation in an organic and visually practical way.
New changes allow admins to sort comments by recency or engagement.

Prior to these two updates, Facebook’s comment interface had remained unchanged for many years; page admins once had to scroll through all comments to gauge which were most popular, and only through tags could the admin see which users were replying to each other.

Thanks to the new updates, an admin can now easily assess which comments are garnering the most engagement, which are being ignored, and which should be addressed the most urgently, providing yet another useful tool to measure content effectiveness and the gravity of user feedback.


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