Marketers, You’re Doing it All Wrong

One of the primary goals of my CMO-focused podcast, Renegade Thinkers Uniteis to interview world-class B2B business leaders and uncover unique insights that you can use in your business.

In a recent episode, Brent Adamson of Gartner cites some compelling research regarding the B2B buyer’s journey. In a nutshell, he says that marketing’s traditional, linear approach to the buyer’s journey (a.k.a. “the sales funnel”) doesn’t even come close to addressing how buyers actually select B2B business solutions.

The “Six Jobs” Model

According to Adamson, there are effectively six jobs that make up a typical B2B purchase. The traditional sales funnel approach assumes that once one discreet job is done, the buying decision passes to another person further along the funnel, until ultimately a sale is made. However Gartner’s research has found that 90 percent of B2B buyers report having to revisit at least one job! Adamson’s research suggests that marketers need to understand these jobs and create content that supports all of them in a non-linear fashion.

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