Social News Roundup | January 14, 2015


1) Amber Alerts to appear in Facebook’s News Feed

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Facebook teamed up with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to aid in the search for missing children.  Read more…


2) #JeSuisCharlie growing

#JeSuisCharlie was used over 3 million times on Twitter within the first two days and is being reported as one of the most popular hashtags in Twitter history. Read more…


3) Your social media How-To

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

This cheat sheet breaks down some of the key elements that create a “perfect” post for every social media channel.


4) Twitter tips

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

This infographic shares some interesting statistics which help to determine which tweets get the most conversions. Hint: including shortened links and adding attention-grabbing images helps!


5) The two most discussed products at #CES this year?

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

UltraHD TVs and wearable technology. See what else topped the list here.


6) This week’s Instagram video rankings

Photo Courtesy of AdWeek (Image by Artist Rachel Ryle)

Starbuck’s stop-motion clip was quite the showstopper racking in nearly 197,000 likes and comments. Read more…


7) The Commander and Chief is on Vine

The president took to Vine to announce his #FreeCommunityCollege proposal. Read more…


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