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B2B Demand Generation Report
B2B Demand Generation Report

Generating new leads in the next 12 months will be the biggest challenge ever faced by today’s B2B marketers. The question then is how to meet this challenge. What can savvy B2B marketers do now to drive near-term demand while setting themselves up for greater growth in 2021? If 2019 was a wide-open straightaway, 2020 is filled with treacherous and unfamiliar curves. Skilled racecar drivers know you have to slow down into a curve, find the optimal part of the embankment through practice, and then accelerate out of it.

Skilled marketers will use the economic slowdown to test their options, to retrain their teams, and prepare themselves for future growth. It won’t be easy. But for those who succeed, it will be exhilarating confirmation that with every crisis comes opportunity, especially for the courageous.