Two Books for CMOs

Having interviewed over 450 Chief Marketing Officers, author Drew Neisser has distilled his findings into two must-read books, the most recent being Renegade Marketing: 12 Steps to Building Unbeatable B2B Brands which is available on Amazon in audio, paperback and eBook.

Renegade Marketing

12 Steps to Building Unbeatable B2B Brands

Released October 5th, 2021, Drew Neisser’s latest book features a torture-tested methodology to radically simplify (and improve the performance of) your B2B marketing and includes dozens of real-world stories that will both inspire and enlighten. recently placed Renegade Marketing as #2 on a list of 8 books that will sharpen your strategic thinking..

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CMO’S Periodic Table

Learn both the art and science of modern marketing from 64 thought leaders. All orders come with a free download of An Elemental Companion to The CMO’s Periodic Table.

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